Rising beauty trends of 2017

Photo courtesy of mlapp.org

Photo courtesy of mlapp.org

Savannah Jones, Author

From chokers to rainbow highlighters, 2016 was a year full of beauty and fashion trends. Furry nails, unicorn eyeliner, and fake freckles were only a few of the bizarre crazes that were present throughout the year, and most of us were quick to jump on the bandwagon to try the latest ‘in’ fashion. However, in the excitement of starting a new year, many trends from 2016 are quickly falling out of style. Crazes from 2016 have slowly been fading away and being replaced by new, more modern trends, Battlefield freshman Julia Kash says, “The amount of natural colors I’ve been seeing is enough to make me lose my mind.”

An Instagram post from Kylie Jenner in late 2016 showcased the model sporting eye gloss, a makeup trend that many of her fans were excited to try. It was no surprise when models wore the look at the Creatures of the Wind’s spring show in early 2017, and the seemingly odd makeup trick went viral with fans.

After it first appeared on instagram in 2015, the concept of hair tattoos died down fairly fast. However, it popped up again on multiple social media platforms in 2017, such as Instagram, Buzzfeed, Pinterest, and Twitter. Shiny, metallic accessories that apply like a temporary skin tattoo, hair tattoos are fun and temporary. They are becoming very popular among girls especially.

According to Pinterest, chrome nails are likely going to be a popular choice this year. Chrome nail polish is among the most pinned posts on the site for early 2017, making its rise as a trend a prediction for many. The nail polish is reflective, and comes in a variety of bright, flashy colors.

Vogue predicts that stripes will be very popular in clothing this year. Models have walked the runways of early 2017 displaying this pattern, and sites such as elle.com support the rise in numbers of people wearing them. Stripes have been a popular pattern for decades, but many sources predict a drastic rise in the percent of people sporting the design in the coming year.

Although trends can be fun, they are of course not a necessity. With the amount of trends constantly circulating through our everyday life, it can be difficult to catch all of them before they pass. Clothes are meant to express the person wearing them. As famous designer Rachel Zoe states, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” With the amount of people, especially young people, keeping up with pop culture, it is only natural that there will be a flow of new trends throughout the year, and it is not as important to follow them as many people might think.

As Italian luxury fashion designer Gianni Versace says, “Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”