Students sound off about the SAT

You can not spell S.A.T. without tears


Photo from Wikimedia Commons via Creative Commons

Inez Asiama, Author

As soon as a student walks into high school, the whispers of the spine-chilling three lettered word is heard. The SAT, or Scholastic Aptitude Test, is also known as a students worst nightmare. According to PBS, the history of the dreaded test, is it was introduced to the world in 1926, a Princeton teacher named Carl Brigham revised a test that was originally meant to test army intelligence recruits for a college admission test. That was adopted by Harvard which set the ball rolling for SAT becoming the main standard test for all.

The SAT is usually offered seven times in a year. Typical the months are October, November, December, January, March, May and June. For most students the SAT, they feel is the single most important test they will ever take, that it is the test that will determine their future.

There is so much pressure from parents, teachers, colleges and even one’s self to get a good score. Sometimes it becomes too much. Students seem to forget the scholastic aptitude test is just that, a test and they have been taking test all of their lives. Senior Zaynab Siddiqui explains, “It was not the questions that made me nervous but the sheer length of the test.” It is the pressure that makes this test so difficult for some not even the actual material itself.  Siddiqui shares what she did preparing for the SAT “ I did a lot of critical reading practices beforehand.” Though after taking the test Siddiqui shares how she feels about her score, “ I’m definitely proud! I’m a bit blown about my writing score because I kinda zoned out during that section but the rest of the test was solid.” She was satisfied with her score and doesn’t plan on taking the test again. So she is a savior of the dreaded SAT.

Junior Tristan Baird got nearly a perfect score on the SAT. His score was 1540 out of 1600. Only 60 points away from a perfect score. Tristan is a very hard working diligent student and his score did not come easy. A lot of work and prepping went into getting a high score. Baird shares his thoughts on his score “I studied a long time for it and I took a practice class and took practice test online and in other workbooks so I liked seeing my hard work pay forward.” Baird shares that what really happened with his success, saying “For me definitely the most effective study tool is just taking the six release test that college board has on their website. In my opinion the more you just practice the type of questions the better you are to handle them and you can recognize them on the day of the exam.” On the test, Baird best section was the math section out of the 58 questions he only missed one. He is not planning on taking the SAT again but is planning on taking the SAT subject tests. Some advice he has is, “My advice is while l the SAT is something everyone is scared about because I guess it is really important to get into college but the colleges do not want you do to bad and there are resources to do better. So if you want to get better and take a prep class or take a practice test online I would not recommend taking the test before looking at anything just keep practicing.” The SAT may be important and should not be taken lightly. Though, at the end of the day, it is just a test and there are resources and people to help one achieve the best score possible for them.