Most popular candy on Valentine’s Day

The holiday that celebrates romance and a sweet tooth


Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Creative Commons

Samantha Miller, Author

February 14th is a day full of chaos. Stores are flooded with shoppers trying to buy bouquets, and restaurants are filled with new couples who could not bear the thought of being alone for the holiday. During the day, elementary schools are brimming with students playing with candy hearts and passing cute love notes to their crushes. Homes are packed with people who care more about having pizza than a date. Valentine’s Day can cause stress and panic for many, while others may enjoy it. Lovers giving gifts, especially candies, is a trend that occurs on this day. Candy sales for Valentine’s Day can start as early as December 26th, so doing the shopping early gives the people who have plans a head start. There is usually a pattern with candy sales every year, but these following ones (in no particular order) seem to be popular every time.

Godiva Chocolates are rich, creamy chocolates are loved by many, and come in a large variety of flavors. For Valentine’s Day, these sweets fly off shelves. Heart shaped boxes of the chocolates usually dark chocolate clumps of deliciousness are found in many malls or shopping centers. Stopping by the Godiva Chocolatier is never a bad idea when it comes to this special day.

Heart-shaped candies are made specifically for Valentine’s Day. They have cute messages on them, which fits the theme of this holiday and explains why the candies are extremely popular during this season. Eden Taylor, a freshman at BHS, criticizes the trend. “I personally think candy hearts aren’t that great,” she says. These candies can be found at most stores as soon as the sales start.

Much like Godiva, Dove chocolates seem to be well-known as Valentine’s Day candy. For this holiday, Dove Chocolate comes in many different shapes and flavors. Like most candies, hearts are the most common. Maddy Henderson, another freshman at BHS, agrees and says, “I really like the chocolate hearts from Dove.” These are also commonly found at stores.

No matter what brand, heart-shaped lollipops are perfect for this occasion. They follow the heart-shaped Valentine’s day theme and can be found anywhere. Since they are not necessarily restricted to a brand, they may be a little bit harder to find, they are very common. It is not wrong to stray away from chocolate and take a sweeter route with heart-shaped lollipops.

Lastly for the chocolates, it is never a bad idea to go with the classic Hershey’s bar. These are probably the most common, and are sold all year (heart shapes can be found for Valentine’s Day) in many different flavors. On hershey’, it is stated that, “Hershey’s simple uses just a few familiar ingredients to create the delicious chocolate you’ve come to love and crave.” There is never a time when these are not a favorite.

Stores are usually stocked with Hershey’s bars, so they are not too hard to find. They are always a good option to gift to a loved one on this special day. Even if these candies are not appreciated, Valentine’s Day will always be a day when the sugary goodness is given out.