Changes made to the White House website

Trump revamps the White House Website immediately after becoming president

Photo courtesy via Creative Commons

Clara Kardash, Author

On Friday, January 20th, Donald Trump was sworn in as America’s 45th president. He took action to change things almost immediately afterwards. Just moments after the inauguration, the White House website ( ) was completely changed.

References to climate change
Nearly everything on the website referencing climate change was taken down after the inauguration. However the site does include a page about Trump’s energy plan, which states, “Lastly, our need for energy must go hand-in-hand with responsible stewardship of the environment. Protecting clean air and clean water, conserving our natural habitats, and preserving our natural reserves and resources will remain a high priority.” However it does not include any sort of plan on how to do this. The removal of all the references to the climate change has worried many scientists, as this could mean data is soon to be deleted as well. “It’s a lot easier to deny climate change when you do not have data” says Shaughnessy Naughton, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making scientific information more publicly accessible.

Personal and policy pages
The pages to visit about personal issues that were on the website during Obama’s presidency have been taken down and as of now have not been replaced. This includes information on the LGBT community and disabled people. This came as a bit of a shock to some, but others expected it. “I think this shows what Trump really believes,” says freshman Pam Barrett, “he has contradicted himself by saying he supports LGBT rights and then removing references from the website.” Barrett says she is not surprised that the website no longer includes this information.

Spanish translation is no longer an option
The website previously offered Spanish translation, but now is only available in English. Trump shared his opinion on using the Spanish language in the United States, during a republican primary debate when his opponent, Jeb Bush, began to speak Spanish and he lashed out. When he was later asked to respond to this in September of 2015 he said “I think that, while we’re in this nation, we should be speaking English.” He also says by speaking English people from other countries can achieve more. According to the Washington Post, White House spokesman Sean Spicer has discussed a possibility of the Spanish translation option returning to the website, but many find this unlikely because of what Trump has said in the past about speaking Spanish.

The page now includes Biographies on Donald and Melania Trump as well as Mike and Karen Pence. President Trump’s description explains his business career and boasts about his win in the election, stating “Donald J. Trump is the very definition of the American success story…he won over 62 million votes in the popular vote, the highest all-time for a Republican nominee.” First Lady Melania Trump’s biography discusses her modeling career, jewelry line, marriage and family. It also references her, “dedication to helping others,” and says she wants to focus on fixing cyberbullying in today’s youth. The website also now includes a page titled “issues” which consists of things such as, “Bringing Back Jobs and Growth,” and, “Standing Up for Our Law Enforcement Community.” However, strangely there is nothing dedicated to information about immigration or health care.

Despite all of these changes, the website is still going through the process of being completely updated. From January 20th to 23rd, the website only listed the legislative and executive branches, but the judicial page was soon restored on Monday morning. Sean Spicer states that the website is “still under construction” and could change in the future. However after 12 days of the initial change to the website, it has seen no further edits besides the addition of the judicial branch page.