Meet the Board Game Club

Where everything is all fun and games


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A lone saboteur works against a team of ambitious miners, trying to thwart their efforts to get the gold at the end of the long, winding caves. A trio of adventurers delve into a forgotten tomb, each looking to take the coveted treasure for themselves. A town full of fearless hunters faces off against a forest teeming with nefariously bloodthirsty shadows, and the innocent townsfolk caught in the crossfire feel the need to choose sides to survive. All these stories may sound fictional, but each one comes to life in a computer lab on the second floor. This is what many call Board game Club.

According to Brian Meermans, the sponsor of the club and an IT teacher at Battlefield High School, Boardgame Club was officially founded in 2011 due to students in Robotics and Computer Science who wanted time to relax. “We had a bunch of people already trying to play games, and we needed an official way to do it,” says Meermans. Meermans has estimated that, since then, thirty unique students join Boardgame Club each year.

Unlike many other clubs at Battlefield, students can join Boardgame Club at any time they wish, whether it be the day it begins or a random day in March. No prior registration is required; all the student needs to do is show up on Monday at 2:00 in computer lab 2118. While they may expect to find classics, like Monopoly and Sorry, these games are nowhere in sight. Instead, students play games such as Shadow Hunters, Saboteur, and Incan Gold. These intricate games are made to mentally challenge players. Instead of relying on the luck of the dice (although some games do require lucky rolls), players learn how to effectively strategize and work with and against their peers. Meermans believes each person will personally prefer a different game due to how unique the games are. When asked what games would be recommended to a new person in the club, Meermans responded, “Telestrations with a large group, or Loony Quest for a small group.”

The games at Boardgame Club are known for their peculiarity and diversity. Sophomore Jamie Keller, declares, “Each game is extremely different from one another. I can’t really say I have a favorite.”

Joshua Bradshaw, another 10th grader at Battlefield, joined Boardgame Club in the first semester. Bradshaw, when asked about his reasons for attending the club, declared, “It’s fun, and I get to see friends there.” Bradshaw also comments that he would gladly recommend Boardgame Club to his fellow peers.

Kyungjin Park, an 11th grader at Battlefield, says he enjoys both winning and losing at games in the club. “I like how Mr. Meermans crushes everyone in every single game. It’s fun being the loser sometimes,” says Park. However, joining Boardgame Club is a victory for everyone, no matter who wins or loses the games themselves.