Acts of Random Kindness Club

Spreading Kindness year round


Photo courtesy via private collection

The Acts of Random Kindness club, created by junior Linda Tran, is a club that spreads positivity and kindness. When asked why she created ARK Club and what she hopes others take out of the club, president Linda Tran responded, “I know people feel stressed at school and I just feel like creating a positive environment helps because it is the little things that matter. I hope it makes Battlefield an even more positive environment and influences others to do kindness as well.” When vice president Jamila Clayton was asked, she answered, “I am in ARK Club because it is a fun and inclusive club that allows people to spread kindness in a broader way that affects more people, like our ARK wall in the front. It is also a fun after school club that is not about earning points but people come because they want to be there.” Since the creation of the club they have done activities such as the wall, passing out holiday grams, and Valentine’s Day cards. The wall consists of positive messages on sticky notes that people can read. The holiday grams were holiday messages on index cards that included a mint, they were passed around and laid on desks in classrooms.

On February 1st ARK Club helped the library with the “Valentine’s Day Around the World” project by making Valentine’s Day cards for police officers and people at Tribute (assisted living). ARK Club distributed the cards on the 13th and 14th. They also restored the “take what you need give what is needed” wall.

Students in ARK Club were asked why they joined and what they like about the club. When asked why she joined and what she likes about ARK Club junior Dariana Ridings answered, “I first joined so I could support my friend and the president of the club, Linda Tran. However, I am also proud to have joined because making other people feel happy makes me feel happy too. I love being in ARK Club because of the people and the activities we do. I truly love watching how ARK Club affects others positively.” She likes being in the club to make other people happy.

When asked the same question junior Kenny Chou responded, “I joined ARK to support a friend and because I needed more clubs and plus I like to think of myself as a kind person. I love the feeling of bringing joy to someone’s day even if it is the little things or helping someone feel better if they are having a rough day. What I like about ARK is that it promotes a positive behavior throughout the community, making it a more jubilant/positive place for everyone.” He is in ARK Club because he likes making others happy.

Another student junior Jasmin Campbell answered, “I mainly joined because I was asked to, but after one meeting I liked what we were doing and decided to stay. I mostly like what we do because I know it helps someone or inspires others, but no one really knows it is you. You kinda help from the shadows and that makes a bit braver.” She likes that the club promotes positivity.

ARK Club helps spread positivity and kindness. Students in ARK Club enjoy making others happy.