Healing hearts

A voluntary respite foundation


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Sonja Folland, Author

Healing Hearts is a voluntary, non-profit organization made to help families who have had or are currently facing life changing battles. Based out of Northern Virginia, the founder of Healing Hearts, Kim Sproles, is local to Haymarket and has lived here for over 16 years. Mrs. Sproles explains that she has always had a passion for helping others and was encouraged by those who stayed positive in a life changing battle. Loving and visiting the beach quite often, Sproles used her beach house as an escape for relaxation from stress and worries. In times of trouble, she would send her friends to the house to allow them to find peace and cope with the problems they were facing. Realizing her strive to lend a hand to others who needed one, Kim decided to make a foundation to allow families and individuals who needed respite after traumatic life events down to her beach house. The house would provide rest to the weary and encouragement to the heavy hearted, healing their hearts.

 The Respite House in Corolla, North Carolina (Outer Banks), provides a relaxing and peaceful stay while on the beach. Here, one is able to spend time with loved ones while enjoying the blissful sound of the seagulls flying and waves crashing. With many families visiting each year, each one takes a special memory home with them. Maddie Sproles recalls on her experiences at the beach house saying, “it’s just like home. The sunsets are beautiful, and I’m able to relax and be comfortable there.” Respite families such as the Green Family also recall on their experience at the house in the summer of 2015. Mrs. Green states that the house in a post to healingheartsrespitefoundation.org  “provided such encouragement and hope that surrounded them.”

Rekindling broken spirits and providing rest to the weary, Kim Sproles does it through love and her faith. Sproles states, “I love seeing the faith of others grow stronger when they visit the house. It makes me feel very happy.” However, Kim does not run this foundation alone. With a community of wonderful volunteers and an amazing team of five other healers, the foundation is able to run smoothly. The team, consisting of Hope Chang, Brenda Howdershell, Yavette Houston, Jeff Maged, and Kim Sproles herself, all provide support and love to families all around.

If you wish to support and donate to Healing Hearts, please visit healingheartsrespitefoundation.org.