Battlefield’s girl’s soccer team is ranked fourth in the nation

An inside look at the varsity soccer team


(From Left) Carleigh Frilles, Morgan Bynum, Carrie McIntire, Tori Powell, Jenna Daunght Photo courtesy of Carrie McIntire

USA Today (  has ranked Battlefield’s soccer team as fourth out of every girl’s soccer team in the nation. The team was previously ranked thirteenth, and now only falls below Tulsa, Aurora, and Naperville. By working together, the players create a truly tremendous team.

According to Battlefield’s official athletics website, last year the team went 21-2, with their widest margin of victory in a game at Potomac Senior High School with the final score as eight to zero. The most important win of the year, however, was the final game when the team captured another state championship.

The team’s head coach, Kevin Hilton, says, “The varsity team is an extremely talented and competitive group.  All of the players are very skillful, can play quickly in tight spaces, and have above average athleticism.” Coach Hilton has been at Battlefield for ten years but has been coaching for a total of sixteen years. He comments that while Battlefield’s girls are incredibly talented, so are many others. “In my opinion what separates Battlefield from some other programs is the desire of our girls to win,” he says. When asked about the team’s national ranking he says, “Being ranked nationally is a nice recognition of the success that our program has had, but it is not reflective of this team, yet.  Hopefully we prove throughout the season that we are worthy of such a recognition.” Coach Hilton says he is excited to see how the season plays out.

Carrie McIntire is a freshmen on the varsity team and also plays for FC Virginia. When asked about her teammates she says, “the team has a very strong bond and are very accepting of the freshmen.” She adds, “Coach Hilton is a respectful, fair, and considerate person who makes playing soccer in high school very fun!” McIntire also adds that she is very excited for the season and encourages anyone to come to their games.

The team is scheduled to play sixteen games at Battlefield this season with six at Battlefield so students should definitely go support the fantastic team that Battlefield is lucky to have! A full schedule can be found at