Girls lacrosse hits the ground running

A look into the 2017 season


Photo courtesy of Grace Cutsinger

Rebecca Cutsinger , Writer

Girls Varsity and JV lacrosse kicked off their season with a scrimmage against Robinson High School on March 7th. Varsity is coached by Head Coach Mary Kugler and Assistant Coach Casey Weaver. There are 17 girls on the team including captains Brynn Sunderland and Abby Witmer. Witmer gives details on the team’s first two scrimmages against Robinson and Marshall, “We lost to Robinson, the team is still getting to know one another. We won against Marshall by one point, it was a team effort to hold the win for the last 5 minutes of the game and really work together.”

The Varsity roster consists of Abby Witmer, Hannah Serrano, Elizabeth Dudas, Zoe Voetter, Brynn Sunderland, Carly Rosenburg, Sidney Ormond, Tori Witmer, Caitlin Burnett, Grace Cutsinger, Jackie Baker, Kelly Cross, Maggie Ryan, Jorden Edwards, Claire Cowles, Hailey Mostacciuolo, Ella Gadoury, Kate Himes, and Michelle Perkins.

Witmer hopes“that our team chemistry will be good, we have some younger girls on the team as well as a lot of new girls [on Varsity]. I think we’ll have be able to have a lot of fun with each other and have a great season.

Witmer adds “we’ll have to work together a lot and really get to know one another since the team doesn’t know each other that well. But we have already seen the team growing together from the changes we’ve made and the last two scrimmages.”      

Varsity’s first game is Tuesday March 21st, at home, at 7pm.      

JV consists of 19 girls including Captains Anna Parsons and Avery Poland. JV is coached by Coach Daniels and Coach Mell. JV won their first scrimmage against Robinson, thirteen to two. Parsons comments, “My freshman year [JV] was undefeated, my sophomore year [JV] only lost two games. Most girls on the team this year have played for a number a years already, so I am very confident we will have a great season.”

JV consists of Anna Parsons, Gianna Schweizer, Avery Poland, Clara Kardash, Ashleigh Meade, Jenny Tran, Maddie Koch, Jolie Dineen, Brooke Harley, Delaney Kerns, Payton Linden, Arley Lausin, Rocia Gayoso, Natalie Miles, Maddie Sproles, Alexis Gratsy, Jess Mathews, Jen Richardson, and Olivia Dawson.      

Parsons shares, “Last year we weren’t very close as a team, there were certain groups and cliques. I don’t see that this year so I think that will fix itself.”  

JV has two upcoming home games this week on Tuesday March 21st at 5:30 pm, and Friday March 24th at 5:30pm.  

Both JV and Varsity are more than prepared for this season, and are eager to represent Battlefield on and off the field. Go Bobcats!