End of year meltdowns

A senioritis that students of all grades feel at the end of the year


Photo courtesy of Flickr via Creative Commons

The end of the school year is soon approaching students at Battlefield High School, and though the impending summer vacation may cause excitement in some, the nearing dates of advanced placement tests as well as final exams are causing stress in all. “I know that I have way more AP exams to take than I did last year so that is really causing me a major nerve wreck,” says Junior Katarina Ayala, who is taking three advanced placement classes this year. Like Ayala, many students are starting to lag behind in their school work as they struggle over the weight of their exams. To keep from falling behind on school assignments, here are some general tips on how to keep up with the increasingly heavier work load.

Make a plan

There is no better way to tackle a situation than with a premeditated plan. Set up a schedule with how many hours is needed to study enough for an exam, and spread the hours out accordingly on a calendar with spare time leftover in case of last minute emergencies. The agenda given by the school at the beginning of the year is very useful for this studying tip, or one may purchase a cheap calendar from a nearby Target or Walmart. Remember that the studying hours in a day should leave time to do homework, as well as complete other necessities such as eating or hanging out with friends.

Stay healthy

To keep the mind active, one must keep their body active as well. As the days get warmer, take ten to twenty minute walks every two hours to keep the brain awake. It is important to also eat nutritiously and to not relieve stress through binge eating junk food. Clear the pantries of any extremely unhealthy snacks and stack up on veggie chips, fruits, and vegetables in case of sudden hunger.

Stay positive

Half of the journey to getting something done is the attitude itself. Stay positive with whatever grade is received on an exam, and always reach for the best of scores. As Hans Selye, an Austrian Canadian scientist prominent in his studies of the biology behind stress once said, “Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.” Work hard to achieve a desired grade on an exam, and always keep a positive mind when setting goals and while studying.