Varsity Baseball Takes on Myrtle


Sydney Natysin and Allison Brown

This recent Spring Break, 2017, Battlefield High School Boys Varsity Baseball took a trip down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to participate in a tournament featuring teams from all along the East Coast. They started off a little slow just easing into it, they came out with a loss the first game of a score of 15-1 favoring a very strong team from North Carolina. The second game was a bit closer in score with a final of 8-5, although still coming out with a loss. The team started picking up the slack and finally came out with a win during the third game with a final score of 4-3 favoring the Battlefield Bobcats. Continuing their winning streak, they pulled off another win with a score of 5-2. The final game was played on a Friday morning and the Bobcats finished strong with a score of 8-1 as they soon after packed up and headed home after their long week of baseball finishing as the champions.

Sophomore, Zach Agnos, says he did not expect this outcome from the team and the team just needs to, “Forget what happened and remember that the tournament didn’t hang a banner or give us a ring.” He also added his viewpoint point on how to recover from the early losses, “take every day one at a time.” While not taking the field the team hit the beach and soaked up some sun according to Agnos, “we played spike ball everyday.”

         Junior, Sam Scott, shares his thoughts on the trip, “We went down to Myrtle expecting to sweep everyone and come out undefeated, so when we lost the first two games, yeah it was a bit of a surprise. Despite this, we remained optimistic and looked to win out our remaining three games, which we did. The losses brought our previously undefeated season back to reality which is something I think that we needed and benefitted us.” He also adds on how he overcame the losses and how he plans to move on and continue to strive, “A loss, especially in a tournament like Minho Bay, isn’t something you can dwell on if you still expect to win. Personally, I let a loss sting for a few hours and then forget about it, being upset doesn’t help future performances whatsoever. However, as a team, sometimes a loss can act as a motivator. As close as our team is, we can utilize the loss to push each other to perform at a higher level every day, which has become a valuable tool to us over the course of the season.”

         Senior, Brandon Austin, says “I did not think that we would have taken 2 loses that early, and especially to teams that we know we could have beat. But we bounced back and came back and won out and won the tournament, So happy with the way we finished things!” Austin also adds how he feels the team can come back from the losses, “I think the biggest thing for us is to not dwell on the losses, we are a team that needs momentum and if we dwell and worry about the past we will not gain momentum. If we move on and worry about the games in front we should be all good.” Austin shares how the team bonded, “when we were not playing baseball, We would enjoy time together on the beach. We would play spike ball and good ole Kan Jam. It was overall a really good trip!” Lastly, since he is a senior this year it will be his last opportunity to take trips with the team and really celebrate the good times he has had being a part of an outstanding team.