Juicing: what is it?


Grant Donaldson and Derek Viator

Juicing or juice diets can be good for a short term fix for weight loss and cleansing. Juicing is when you take different fruits and vegetables and juice them into a drink that contains all the nutrients needed for the day. There are specific drinks that contain all kinds of different fruits and veggies to help different problems. Fruits and vegetables have vitamins and nutrients that can help digestion, headaches, pain, and weight loss. There are many common misconceptions about juicing that need to be cleared up.

Juicing all by itself with no food, a pure liquid diet, is not good for the consumer. Juice by itself does not give all the essential nutrients needed such as protein and fiber. Including nuts for protein and other fruits and vegetables in solid form help give the fiber needed to keep the digestive system on track and the body healthy. It is also not a long term solution to weight loss as people make it out to be. It can detox your system getting rid of unhealthy chemicals and can lose a decent amount of weight before the weight loss becomes unhealthy.

The reason why juicing is more effective than just eating vegetables is that “it is almost like receiving an intravenous infusion of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes because they go straight into your system without having to be broken down,” according to Dr. Mercola at mercola.com.  The recommended amount of time to stick to a juice diet is anywhere from one day for a detox to up to 30 for losing weight.  Anything longer can be harmful to your health.  The key to having a successful juicing diet is consistency and flavor.  If you’re sticking to it for 30 days you’re gonna want some variety in drinks.  The key to success is not leaving the diet, only drinking juice and including fruits and vegetables to mix it up.  Most people will lose anywhere between 10-30 pounds if done for 30 days. Some juices include,“Beet juice”, “Fruity Starter”, and “Cool Cucumber.”


Make sure to wash all vegetables and fruits appropriately before use.

Beet Juice(20 Ounces)

1 Medium Beet (Cleaned, Trimmed)

4 Green Apples (Cored)

1 Whole Carrot (Trimmed)

1 Inch of Ginger


Fruity Starter(~20 – 40 Ounces)

3-4 Green Apples

1-2 Mango (Cored)

1-2 Banana (Peeled)

¾ Whole Pineapple (Peeled)

1 Inch of Ginger


Cool Cucumber(20 Ounces)

2 Cucumbers

2 Green Apples (Cored)

4 Large Sprigs of Fresh Mint

1 Lime (Peeled)

1-2 Handfuls of Spinach or Kale (Optional)


Juice is not a replacement for all the food needs, but it is a good addition to diets or for detoxing. It is good to have a mix of colored juices to get all the essential nutrients that are necessary. Make sure to clean the vegetables and fruits well before use and mix it up! Make cool juices from the variety of healthy foods at food markets or stores. Make sure to have fun with it and stay healthy!