Trendy: Most popular trends at Battlefield


Anna Parsons and Sydney Werth

Some of the school years most popular trends include shoes, clothing, accessories, lifestyles, and entertainment. Trends are things that used to be popular, went out of style, and then randomly reappeared popular again.  These include but are not limited to, from Battlefield, crocs, birkenstocks, jean skirts, mom jeans, flip flop & flare jeans, Alex & Ani bracelets, chokers, vegetarianism and veganism, and popular TV shows like 13 reasons why, shameless, and stranger things.

Sophomore Caroline Joy, a strong supporter of the ever so popular birkenstocks, says, “ I love them because they’re really comfy and they mold to the shape of your feet which is super cool. I definitely think they were really popular this year at school and they deserve to be.”

Junior Tyler Dunivan, an avid tv watcher, says, “Out of the three TV shows, I think Stranger Things is the best.  It is nostalgic and it exposes kids to how tv shows were like in the 80’s. Also it included multiple themes that required deep thinking. I recommend this show over the others because it is appropriate for all ages and people with different mental situations. I believe it is reflective, while shameless is for mature people, and 13 reasons why has very relatable content that only some people could handle.”

Junior McKinley Hudson, known for her obsession with Alex & Ani bracelets, says, “I have always loved bracelets and jewelry so when I discovered these I knew I had to get them. They are so pretty and they look good with anything I wear so I definitely think they’re worth the hype but I know the trend will fade out just like the rest.”

Sophomore Christina Schmidt said, “I like crocs because they are super comfortable, fun and different. I enjoy them opposed to other shoes because they’re sort of waterproof. They made a comeback because of how durable they are. Even though there are still long lost souls who don’t know the beauty of them.”

The 2016-2017 school year had a lot of new trends as well as throwback trends that many people enjoy like chokers and mom jeans from the 90’s. For the next upcoming years no one knows what will be popular but at least it can be expected to have fun and exciting new ways to spice up a person’s wardrobe. Not only is it easy to bring a trend back but it’s easy to create new ones.