A guide to finding the best items in thrift stores

Photo courtesy of via Creative Commons

Photo courtesy of via Creative Commons

Savannah Zamudio, Author

 Thrift shops are some of the best places to find affordable deals on clothes. Many unique pieces of clothing end up in thrift stores, and can be sold for a much lower price than what it was originally bought at. There are not just clothes at thrift stores, there can also be furniture, vinyl records, or anything that people believe will no longer be valuable to them. However, that does not mean that the item cannot be of value to someone else. There are many benefits to shopping at thrift stores, such as the price ranges, the fun experience, supporting the local community, and finding unique items.

   There are different types of thrift stores, some will simply take donations, while others will pay the contributors for items given. Places like Plato’s Closet, offer the option to buy gently used clothes from people, or offer store credit depending on how much the item is worth. This can be put towards other unique pieces, or to earn little more cash.

   Thrift stores do not only benefit those looking for a cheap price. The entirety of the community gains something from thrift stores. It brings people together to contribute to a common cause. The local thrift store in old town Haymarket, The Very Thing For Her, is very well known by the people of Haymarket. They have created a list of recurring customers that feel like the store and its owners have become apart of their everyday life. Haymarket resident, Tricia Hanson, frequents the second-hand store, saying, “I’ve lived here for close to ten years, and The Very Thing For Her has been here forever. The people are so kind and welcoming.”

   There is also the possibility that shoppers will be able to find items that are no longer made. This includes furniture, clothes, vinyl records, pretty much all objects that are considered to be ‘retro’. Some of the most sought after things are band memorabilia. It can be surprising how much valuable stuff from past generations can be

found in thrift shops: original band shirts, or concert t-shirts are common in thrift shops. Some could retail for a lot more than what they are being sold at, but that is

the beauty of thrift stores.

   People needing to furnish their first homes or apartments should explore thrift stores . A cheap and efficient way to do that is by going shopping at secondhand stores. The Salvation Army and Goodwill are the most likely to have furniture, because they are not limited to just clothes. These type of the stores are good to do D.I.Y.s with. By getting cheaper products and material, unique crafts can be made with them. Making the home a warmer, more thoughtful place to be. Junior Jacqueline Gottschalk shares her salvation army experiences, “I find weird stuff there that I use for my art projects later. It makes them look really different…But in a good way.”

   Running a little short on cash? Have birthdays coming up? Thrift stores are perfect to find a family member or friend a gift. Or treat them to a thrift shopping spree, where they can get four items for under twenty dollars. Junior Jessica Capayachi says, “I always go to stores like Plato’s Closet for gifts because it is cheap and they have fun stuff.”