Bobcats gain some flexibility

New school schedule coming for the 2017/2018 school year

Bobcats gain some flexibility

Lauren Kronzer, Author

During the 2017-18 school year, Battlefield is introducing a new schedule to replace the traditional purple and black day block rotation. The new schedule is designed to give kids more time during school to talk one-on-one with their teachers. Some of the intended uses for the flex schedule include re-teaching, make-up work, review for tests, and group discussions. Although student participation in the flex schedule is required, it is not a time for new learning. No new material is supposed to be introduced. Students are also not allowed to leave the building during the assigned scheduled time unless they have a approved note from a parent or contact.  

Mr. Ferrera, the principal of Battlefield, hopes that the students use their new time “as they would use any time in the classroom, with a focus on what they need individually within the course.”  Ferrera adds “flex time is instructional time. If they are in a situation where they feel that precious instructional time is being wasted, they should first talk to the teacher to come up with a plan to make the time worthwhile for the student.  Administration and counselors can also provide support in that plan.  I know the teachers really want this to be a valuable time, and since it is something new, student and parent feedback is very important to us.” Ferrera points out how the flex will help everyone from students to faculty and was put in place after careful consideration. “Flex was implemented with input from faculty, staff, and parents and students through the Principal’s Advisory Council. The reason we are moving in this direction is for several reasons. The biggest reasons include relieving some pressure that students feel at Battlefield, knowing they have a time to get extra help, and extra time to complete work with teacher guidance. Some students need time to go beyond the curriculum because they are mastering it at such a high level. In short, it provides additional opportunities for differentiation and for students to make up time that they need due to heavy course loads, extracurriculars, and family responsibilities.”

Upcoming sophomore, Aly Fridey plans to use her free time during the flex period to its full extent saying “I plan to visit teachers to ask them questions concerning concepts I am confused about, make up missed tests and quizzes, and take advantage of the time to study for assessments and complete homework while I am still in school.” The upcoming sophomore also believes the new schedule “will be extremely helpful to Battlefield because it allows for students to receive assistance more easily and it is a great opportunity for students to get more detailed feedback from teachers. Additionally, the new flex schedule will give Bobcats the chance to go to events like pep rallies without teachers’ instruction time being taken away.”

Amanda Kraemer, an upcoming junior, plans to use her free time a little differently stating “I’ll probably look into scheduling a music practice room to practice audition pieces.” Kraemer is hoping to “see a decrease in the amount of time I have to spend on homework outside of school” She believes that there will not be reteaching as much as “more class work,” Kraemer feels that  “the more students do something means the more it will be retained. I think it will be helpful depending on what the teachers will choose to do with that time”

The Flex Schedule will be a big change for Battlefield but will not be put in place till the 3rd day of school. For further information on the new Flex Schedule please refer  to the links listed below.