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The future of entertainment

Photo courtesy of via Creative Commons

Photo courtesy of via Creative Commons

Maheen Qureshi, Author

Streaming is on a whole new level when it comes to the future of cable T.V.. Two of the most popular streaming sites: Netflix and Hulu have become well-known to the vast majority of the world. Although it may seem these well-developed sites have become an overnight success, that is not the case. Netflix was actually founded in 1997 and was originally used to rent movies on D.V.D.. According to CNN, “Netflix is currently the world’s leading internet television network with 104 million members in over 190 countries”. Hulu, which came about in 2007 has over 50 million users. Even though Netflix is ruling the Internet with its streaming, other services are not far behind. With the huge amount of online viewers, it causes concerns and questions on what could happen to the entertainment world.

It has been a hot debate topic for the past few years if people would eventually disregard their cable providers in the future. Well, the future is definitely here, and people seem to be fleeing from the “traditional” ways of television. Since 2010, the television industry has been decreasing in viewership quite a bit every year according to Business Insider. On top of Netflix streaming older films and T.V. shows, it has also become the source for some acclaimed original content, such as 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things, House of Cards, etcetera. Earlier this year, Hulu also released a show of its own, the critically acclaimed series: The Handmaid’s Tale. All of these shows have created a huge stir in the Hollywood agenda, and many of these original shows have grabbed several Emmy nominations and continue to keep audiences begging for more. With the successes of these huge shows, it ultimately causes the question if cable T.V. is really the best way to get a big, devoted audience.

Although the future seems to be on the side of streaming sites, there still continues to be a few shows that generate a lot of views for certain networks. Even though some networks are still swinging, people cannot deny that cable T.V. is dying. In many cases, television was new in previous generations, but now, in 2017 the Internet continues to take over. So, as the Internet continues to grow, in multiple contexts’, all current generations continue to adapt to the new normal.  Only time will tell what will become of cable networks, and how the streaming industry will grow.