Upcoming highly anticipated T.V. shows

The new and exciting shows debuting in the next couple of months

Black Lightning, the main character of The C.W.’s new show.

Photo courtesy of Flickr via Creative Commons

Black Lightning, the main character of The C.W.’s new show. Photo courtesy of Flickr via Creative Commons

Ashley Donohoe, Author

Fall time is renowned for the back to school season, the weather getting cooler, the leaves outside displaying a wide variety of colors, and curling up in a blanket with some tea after completing the day’s homework. Finding the perfect T.V. show can feel like a daunting task, but the challenge can be much easier when recommendations are provided, or a quality network releases the show. Below are some of the quality show content being released during the fall season.



Inspired by the real life events of Mark Feuerstein, one of the show co-creators, 9JKL is a comedy about a family living in an apartment complex as next door neighbors. Mark lives in apartment 9K, his parents live in apartment 9J, and his brother, sister-in-law, and their newborn baby live in apartment 9L.

Mark shares how crazy it is seeing his past being put on a television screen, saying, “Once you take the source material, which is my family, and put them in the hands of these amazing actors, it becomes its own family, it becomes its own thing.” The show premieres on October 2 on N.B.C. at 8:30 pm.


Alex, Inc.

Additionally, A.B.C. is releasing their own comedy titled Alex, Inc. The show was inspired by a podcast titled Start Up, where a journalist named Alex Schuman quits his reliable job to create his own business. Alex is both a husband and a father who knows only the basics of entrepreneurship but regardless dives right into his new and unpredictable lifestyle. Although the official release date is not settled on, the show will definitely be arriving around the end of 2017.


A.P. Bio

A season of comedy releases, N.B.C. is releasing a cynical show following an ex-Ivy League professor being demoted to work as a high school biology teacher. Along with learning about carbohydrates and lipids, the students are being used to plot out revenge on those who wronged their new teacher.

Sophomore Ryan McGee thinks the show could be a major success, saying, “the show sounds like it has quite the plot and has huge potential.” The pilot for this show aired in March 2017, but the show will pick up again in October.


Black Lightning

The C.W. will be showcasing the tale of D.C. legend Black Lightning returning to the life of crime-fighting after being in retirement. Jefferson Pierce’s, the show’s main character, daughters pull him back into the struggle that riddled his younger days when one of them starts to be recruited by a local gang, while the other will not rest until she believes justice ensues.

The chief of The C.W., Mark Pedowitz, shot down all inquiries of any crossover episodes with their shows Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, or DC’s Legends of Tomorrow when he revealed, Black Lightning, at this time, is not part of the Arrowverse. It is a separate situation.” The pilot episode will be released in the beginning of 2018.


The Crossing

A.B.C. will be exploring problems that confront America with a unique twist in the new show The Crossing. America is being overrun by refugees from a country at war, seeking asylum from the death and despair. As the people flood in, citizens discover the refugees are traveling back in time from the United States in 250 years, hoping to live in the country during its prime. The local sheriff, a federal agent, and a mother searching for her refugee daughter are at the center point of a show with a surprising conspiracy.

Sophomore Samantha Miller believes, “there is going to be this huge plot twist at the end that no one is expecting and then everyone is going to end up dead,” when expressing her astonishment with the show’s premise. The season premiere will be in October, and the show will pick up again in January 2018.



Cameron Black is a superstar magician, but his career is suddenly ruined by scandal. In search of another place to practice deception, illusion, and influence, he takes up a job at the F.B.I.. Black is the world’s first consulting illusionist, assisting the government in solving crimes that defy usual explanations and trapping criminals through the art of deception. A.B.C. is expected to release the show in October 2017.


The media is constantly creating new and unique shows to try to grasp the attention of new viewers. Both frequent television watchers and someone just looking for a distraction after a particularly hard homework assignment can find a new show that is just right for their interest. The fall is full of promising new shows that one should be sure to mark their calendars for.