Homecoming preparations have begun

Preparing for one of high school’s biggest events


Photo courtesy of army.mil via Creative Commons

Rylee Pledger, Author


Homecoming is the huge event in fall where students and teachers come together to cheer on their football team and follow up the event with a formal dance the next day. According to ugahomecoming.com and active.com, homecoming was first created somewhere between the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, which includes the football game with the following dance the next day. Since then it has become a staple for educational places from high school to college.  

Battlefield High School does not exclude itself from this major event in the fall. Every year Battlefield has a game, classes make floats, the elected homecoming court waves to their fellow students, and the day after, students come together to dance.

This year Battlefield’s homecoming game will be on October 13th, and the dance will be on the following day, the 14th. This year’s theme is “Dancing Through the Ages,” as decided by the school’s Student Council. According to Karina Reynolds, the sophomore class president, the seniors have the subtheme Rome/Greece, juniors have Prehistoric, sophomores have Medieval times, and freshman have Vikings.

Homecoming productions are mainly pulled off by the people involved in S.C.A. (Student Council Association), though there are people who also volunteer their time, even if they are not a part of the Student Council. As per tradition, the S.C.A. has a very big part in the homecoming preparations, the most notable figure being the man who runs it all, Mr. Schelzo, a history teacher and leader of the S.C.A. at Battlefield High School.


Mr. Schelzo, says this on the topic, “Everything is progressing, we have a theme and the classes have chosen sub-themes. We are waiting on approval for our spirit days. The homecoming budget has been set and sub-committees will be meeting this coming week [9/4-9/8]. In addition to the standard pre-homecoming stuff. We have decided to move powder puff football to the Fall, having it the week before spirit week.”


Not only is progress noticed by the person who runs the S.C.A., but also by people who take part in the S.C.A.. Sophomore Arrington Evans, a delegate in the Student Council, says, “We have figured out our hoco theme and are now in process of designing floats and the dance.”


Another sophomore delegate, Addison Wallace, says, “In SCA homecoming preparations are in full swing we have voted and chosen the theme/ sub themes for the classes. We have also starting working on the different specific plans for the dance!”


Furthermore, sophomore Aden Beyene, the S.C.A.’s secretary, had additional comments to say about the preparations for homecoming so far, “Homecoming preparations are going great! We are on track to put on a phenomenal dance and parade this year thanks to the help of the SCA delegates. We have already decided on the homecoming theme which is Dancing Through the Ages and the class sub themes. Our next step is to break off into small committees each tasked with doing a certain aspect of homecoming. For example, the refreshments committee ensures their is food at the dance and the tables are staffed. With the collaborative efforts of the officers and the delegates homecoming is going to be one to remember!”


As told by Aden, this year’s homecoming will be a great one. Do not forget to join Battlefield’s students and staff to cheer on the team and join classmates for a dance that will never be forgotten!