Clubs to join at Battlefield High School

Clubs for people who love cooking, anime, or volunteering; Battlefield has it all

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Creative Commons

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Creative Commons

Camille Owen, Author

With the beginning of a new year in the air, many Bobcats are looking for ways to meet people who share their interests. One of the best ways to do this is joining a club. Due to the variety of clubs at Battlefield, by joining one, Bobcats can find friends who share their passions.  

The Odyssey says that there are many reasons for high school students to join clubs. The first being that it is a good way to meet new people. Clubs also look really good on college applications. “Going and trying new things is something that looks real well on any application,” writes Zachary Hayes in the Odyssey. On top of that, students learn long term lessons like time management and communication skills. Below are five clubs at Battlefield that are great ways to accomplish the above.

Anime Club is sponsored by Ms. Johnson. The school website says, “no matter the genre (though, we keep it AWAY from the inappropriate and gore), we accept all of the people and anime that come to our club. Everyone is sure to find another person to talk about their obsessions here.” Fans of shows like One Piece or Pokemon are all welcome to bring their opinions and snacks to share to Anime Club, which was held on Tuesday last year. Check on the school website in the coming weeks for more information.

Latin Club, held in trailer one by Magistra Yount, is open to any students currently enrolled in a Latin class. The BHS website writes that the group will, “have an induction ceremony, play games, learn about mythology, watch movies and have exam study session.”

The Christian Student Association is a club that connects Christians in the Battlefield Community together. According to their school website, they meet before and after school to combine the best parts of, “Local Church Youth Groups (church networking, scripture, singing), The EDGE Club (food, games, guest speakers), The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (community service, morning prayer, outreach to sports), and Young Life (monthly off-campus activities).” Go to the school website to learn more information about how to get involved.

Urban Dance Club is an exciting club that, “is the link between students who appreciate dance as an art form and a positive forum of expression,” states the BHS website. Bobcats who attended Battlefield last year may remember the performances put on by the club during pep rallies. Anyone who enjoys dancing is welcome in Urban Dance Club, which met every Friday last year. Stay tuned to the school website for more information.

Battlefield’s International Club aims to, “recognize and celebrate ALL of the cultures represented at Battlefield! The club invites ALL students to join and participate.” The club typically meets on the second Thursday of each month in room 1002. International Club is in charge of International Night, an event that celebrates the diversity of Battlefield. If interested, the first meeting this year is on September 14th, when elections for officers is being held.

Along with the few clubs highlighted above, Battlefield offers many opportunities to find a club that interests Bobcats. The link here is to the complete list of clubs at Battlefield. Most club pages are not up to date with current information, but can be updated at anytime. Over the next few weeks, announcements will be made about when clubs start. Do not miss the opportunity to join a fun club.