Preparation of 2017 Marching Bobcats

A look on the fun-packed season ahead


Jasmin Kaur, Author

The 2017 marching band season kicked off with welcoming the new band director, Mr. Britcher, along with this year’s new show, “Reflections of the Blue Horizon”. The theme of the show is about the oceans and lost at sea, which includes selections Testing the Waters, The Merciless Ocean, Ships that Pass the Night, and The Plank. Along with that, there are props such as masts and the back and front of a ship. The color guard show was written by the JMU Nuance color guard director, Carly Philp.

The Marching Bobcats had a very successful month of band camp in August, including hours of practice, loads of sunscreen, and everlasting memories. There were also 2 prosperous fundraisers, Tag Day and the annual N.O.V.E.C. dinner. The very first performance was at the first home football game on Friday, September 15. Followed by the game was a busy weekend with Haymarket day and the very first competition in Martinsburg, West Virginia, in which Battlefield took first place.

Abby Morgan, a section leader for color guard and a senior at Battlefield High School says, “This season has been amazing. Yes, at times it gets very tiring and frustrating, but when the whole band comes together, you have to take a second and look around and admire at how much effort everybody is putting into this season, and also how amazing we look.”

Despite the extremely busy schedule full of competitions and performances, Mr. Britcher took a couple of minutes to talk about his experience here at Battlefield so far. “I think Battlefield is great,” he says, “I am really enjoying myself  thus far. You know as with any new transition, there are growing pains and that happened. I think that the kids here are very open and willing to try new things and do things a little differently. The marching band is great, everybody is working really hard and I really have enjoyed what we are doing so far. This program has unlimited potential.” He made it a clear point to bring up the Band Support Organization (BSO), which is an organization that helps keep the band up and running, and is all done by parent volunteers.  “This is my fourth go around as a high school person, I have been to many different types of high schools. This (BSO) has to be one of, if not the strongest, parent organizations I have ever worked with, and knowing that they have jobs, they still come here to help us all out.”

Lilly Kamman, a freshman at Battlefield, was at the football game to watch the band perform and had all good things to say. “The performance was breathtaking. At any football game a lot goes on, a couple breaks up, someone gets injured, cheerleaders cheer, the list goes on and on. So, my point is that many people do not watch the performance and it kind of makes me sad. The Marching Bobcats put so much hard work into this show. They should get more appreciation and credit for what they do.”  Battlefield wishes the Marching Bobcats the best of luck for the season.