The Museum of Ice cream opens up third location

San Francisco welcomes the pop-up museum


Photo courtesy of Dribbble Via Creative Commons

Vivian Lee, Author

A pool full of sprinkles, scratch and sniff walls, chocolate chambers, and gummy bears the size of humans. These are all of the wonderful features of the Museum of Ice cream. Yes, an entire museum dedicated to everybody’s favorite cold dessert. Back in August, the first two pop-ups opened up in Los Angeles and New York. Due to popular demand, San Francisco gladly took in the new gallery in September. The exhibit took over social media with its colorful walls and adorable sculptures. The concept is to go around room to room, admiring the artwork, snapping aesthetically pleasing pictures, while snacking on delicious ice cream.

Maryellis Bunn, the museum’s co-founder and creative director, says, “Everyone, children to grandparents, is looking for something to celebrate. Who cannot get behind ice cream? For adults, it is nostalgic; they leave feeling like little kids. And for the kids themselves … well, it is ice cream.”

San Francisco has the largest pop-up of the three, including a Pop Rocks cave, a rainbow room, and the iconic sprinkle pool. Tickets sold out in 18 minutes for $38 apiece. The Instagramers’ paradise is located inside an old bank on Grant Avenue. Some fun elements of the gallery include bubblegum colored walls, whipped cream ring toss, and an ice cream scoop see-saw. As for the recognizable sprinkle pool, guests jump at the opportunity to dive right in, and feel like the cherry on top. The bath has over 100 million brightly colored plastic sprinkles waiting to be jumped on.

Being a museum dedicated to ice cream, customers are treated to many different treats included into their admission. Guests can munch on sundaes provided by the San Francisco Bi-Rite Creamery. They provide mochi ice cream from My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream. As well as made before their eyes, cherry cotton candy with edible glitter, and soft serve in a cone dipped in “unicorn milk.” The museum theoretically sounds like every kid’s dream.

Lindsey Peterson, a freshman Bobcat who has been to the museum in New York, says, “The Museum of Ice cream is a fun place to visit! There are so many cool forms of art throughout the museum pertaining to the theme of ice cream. It is really popular on social media, and should be on your bucket list!”

The New York location has sadly been closed for the season but the Los Angeles museum is open until December 2017. As for the new San Francisco location, it will be open until February 2018. New locations are coming their way, and others are dying to get their hands on some tickets. Mary Kate Colvin, freshman at Battlefield, shares “It looks really fun and I would love to get to go one day!”

San Francisco is one lucky city to be treated with this wonderful museum. Hopefully the trend will make its way to Virginia, and then everybody will be screaming for ice cream.