My Journey


Angela Schlagel, Author

My Journey

I walk along this trail

The trail where I spend parts of my life

Deciding what to do and how not to fail.

The way is solitary

Some will come, others will leave

And there will always be baggage to carry.

Along this path, memories are made

Joyfulness, sadness, and anger

But I will not let them fade.

Near the end is a glorious tree

Where quietness is achieved

I climb to the top to show who I can be.

This tree is a part of me

It helps me along my journey

Where I am free.

I’ve never felt like this

Much freedom and reality

Like a never ending bliss.

The journey is long

And is a constant battle

Though it makes me strong.

There’s always something to learn

Learning experiences never end

The ones I always seem to yearn.

It saddens me to know

That someday I’ll leave

And let it all go.

I would show much growth

Knowledge to help me in my next journey

One I will not loath.

There’s still a long way until I get there

For now I can still be free

With my tree, path, and fresh air.