Childhood cancer Mini-THON event

How Battlefield is making a difference


This picture represents the symbol for childhood cancer

Sara Aker, Author

Penn State University has set up an organization to fight and conquer childhood cancer together in a fun and inventive way. The organization, Four Diamonds Mini-THON, is reaching out to schools to set up an event where students stay for 12 hours at the school and are engaged in a multitude of activities to stay active for childhood cancer. Battlefield High School has decided to join in on this Mini-THON. The event starts April 20 through 21, from 8am to 8pm. Students are put into groups and within those groups, someone has to be moving the full 12 hours. This event is not only interactive and is for a good cause, but it also inspires teamwork, creativity, and leadership.


Teacher and Student Activities Leader Course of Battlefield High School, Mary Beth Starkey states, We pursued Mini-THON because one of our students, now an executive chair of the event, Lauren Hillig, attended a tour at Penn State this past summer and fell in love with the university, largely due to their mention of Mini-THONI am an avid supporter of any funding for research and familial relief that an organization can give.” After in person meetings, the idea was starting to work its way into the school. Starkey has a personal connection with childhood cancer, and also mentions that she did not think twice about taking action in organizing this event for Battlefield High School.


Junior Emily Iannazzi says, “I am involved in organizing this event and am excited in participating in such a cause worthy event.” Students are involved in organizing for the Mini-THON to gain leadership and many more skills. Many are wanting to help fundraise for childhood cancer and are ready to be hands on with the process.


Four Diamonds also explains, With more than 90,000 student volunteers and 265 schools in eight states (and counting!), Mini-THONs are bringing hope to families in need and giving back to their community.” This Mini-THON is working to help those affected by childhood cancer and to help the youth get involved and learn life skills. They are dedicated in making a change for childhood cancer.


Schools around the world are working to help for a good cause. A chance to give back to the community, help build skills, and support the kids with childhood cancer the best they can. With an interactive event, the outcome will be very rewarding with the amount of people excited to help out.