Battlefield’s gymnastics team

The ins and outs of the winter sport here at Battlefield


Photo by Rachel Loomis

Ashley Donohoe, Author

As the winter season rolls around, student athletes gear up in their respective sports equipment, trying out for teams such as basketball and track. One team often forgotten is the Battlefield gymnastics team. Their tryouts began November 7, and the season is shaping up to be a good one according to sophomore Rachel Loomis, who was a part of the team last year and is currently trying out again this season.


With the massive amount of opportunities offered to students at Battlefield, one would wonder what gymnastics provides that is unique from other activities. Loomis gushes about how she thought the team was, “a great experience,” she, “loved being a part of.” Battlefield has created a sense of unity throughout the gymnasts, as Loomis testifies that they, “are so small [of a group] we know each other a lot better.” School can be a daunting place, but with some newly discovered friends the halls can appear a little less treacherous. These teammates also help improve social skills by assisting others in, as Loomis puts it, “talking to new people and getting to know people I didn’t know before.”


The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) have dedicated two pages to gymnastics on their website, one for girls and one for boys. Each page contains detailed and up-to-date information on any rule changes, frequent scoring questions, judging guides, and relevant articles for the particular sport. On the girl’s points of emphasis page, the NFHS shares, “[a gymnast] should show movements that flow smoothly into the next with changes in speed and intensity, ease of performance of elements and correct technique,” perfectly summarizing the goal of any aspiring gymnast across the country. Battlefield has been sure to implement this into their training strategies, as it is one of their goals to make it to the State Championships this year.


The NFHS continues to define their aspirations for high school gymnastics, describing the performances as, “inner beauty, expression, focus, stretch, elegance, style, and gracefulness. It is not only ‘what’ the gymnast performs but also ‘how’ she performs her routine.” This is what makes gymnastics such a fascinating sport to spectate, as almost anyone can appreciate the artistry that goes into each individual routine. The gymnastics team has their schedule uploaded on the Bobcat Athletics page, so anyone who wishes to come out and support their team is free to do so.


As the winter progresses, the Battlefield gymnastics team continues to work to refine their skillsets and put on a spectacular performance. Whether they do it to meet new people, to perform, or to just remain healthy, gymnastics provides these athletes with countless reasons to devote their time to the sport. Even if someone does not have the means to become a gymnast, they can still support the team by attending upcoming competitions and cheering on their fellow classmates as they represent the Battlefield Bobcats.