Girls Varsity Basketball ready to go

Girls Varsity Basketball welcomes a new season with a new coach


With November being the start of the winter sports season, each sport is getting ready to kick off what they hope is going to be a good year. Battlefield girls basketball welcomed a new Varsity Head Coach at the end of last school year. Coach Tim Brown, who was the former girls  basketball Head Coach at Brentsville District High School, was appointed the job in June of 2017. The girls basketball program welcomed Coach Brown with open arms, and they are very excited to begin working with him throughout their high school careers.

Senior, and Captain, MaryCate Walsh, has been a part of the Varsity team all four years of high school. With a new coach coming in during her senior year, she explains her thoughts about this season’s outcome, “Playing for a new coach is always a big change, but the rest of the seniors and I have played together for 4+ years, so our team chemistry has made the transition easier.”

Coach Brown shares his thoughts about how he thinks this season will go with his new team, “I think we are going to be very competitive and have a good chance to win the District Title. It all depends on how quickly the girls adapt to our style of play.” The girls are going to have to learn how to play under a new form of coaching, in a short amount of time. The team will play their first regular season game on Tuesday, November 28th at home against Loudoun County. Coach Brown is hoping for a good number of wins during the season, and ending with a good record.

Senior Linden Beasley shares, “I think this season is going to go very smooth with our new coach. It is a different atmosphere and I think we are making great progress.” With having five seniors, four juniors, two sophomores, and two freshman, the team has a wide variety of talent. The girls work hard during practice, and outside of school basketball, to ensure they are playing to the best of their ability during games. “Once we find our chemistry, I feel we will be unstoppable,” Beasley concludes.

With this season being Coach Brown’s first year at Battlefield, there are many things he is looking forward to throughout the season. He states that he is most excited about, “teaching the girls and being around them 5-6 days a week for the next four months.” He continues to say, “They are great kids who have already shown me how much they care about each other and the making of this program.”  

Walsh concludes with, “I think our program has the potential to be very successful this year, and I’m excited to spend my last season with my teammates and new coaching staff!” Each member of the team, including the coaching staff, is excited for the season to finally begin. It will be a new atmosphere and style that the girls are ready to tackle. They are ready to take on every school that comes their way. Coach Brown is prepared to teach these girls all they need to know to do just that.