Battlefield Yearbook, the book and the class

Their upcoming projects and how they will finish out the year


Ally Wooller and Rylee Pledger

Every year students look forward to purchasing a yearbook at the end of the year, whether they want to see their school photo, seniors’ quotes, or have their friends sign the blank pages. A lot of students might not even think to consider that students at Battlefield actually work to produce the yearbook that students get every year. The students in Yearbook work very hard to create the yearbook every year and the student experience would not be the same without the book that summarizes the school body’s year.

Mrs. Hale, who teaches Yearbook here at Battlefield, says, “When we return from Winter Break the Yearbook staff will have two and a half months to finish and submit the entire Yearbook. It takes from March until the end of May for the Yearbook company to actually print and bind the book. This is why the Yearbook staff has to actually start working on the book in July of the previous year. Every member of the Yearbook staff has a specific position. They are responsible for either Photography, Design, Index, Editing, Copy Writer, or Infographics. They get trained in their specialty and perfect it over the course of the year.” Thus explaining how important each student’s role is, and how hard the class works on it. Even after Winter Break.


To make this yearbook possible, Yearbook students have a lot to do. Coming back from Winter Break, they have a lot of projects to tackle. Senior Isabelle Barrett, a student in Yearbook, says, “So coming up after break we have a lot of sports to cover, such as basketball, swim, wrestling, and also Mr. BHS and the STEAM Expo.” Subjects that are definitely are very important, and will play a big part in this year’s yearbook.


To explain how this process gets complete, junior Emily Payne, who is also apart of Yearbook, says that they have photographers go to the event and take pictures. A copy writer may or may not accompany them too while taking these photos. They also will pull students during flex to talk to them about the event. A process that is essential to the vibrancy and life on the pages of the yearbook.


The Yearbook is a complex and intricate compilation of Battlefield’s entire year. Making it look its best is a process that takes diligence, comradery, and lots of effort. Without the wonderful people on the Yearbook staff the memories made every year would not be able to be documented in the most memorable way possible. Make sure to buy a yearbook and look back on a great experience for years to come.