The scoop behind Vine 2

Vine cofounder Dom Hoffman and the popular app’s return


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia via Creative Commons

Elise Pope and TJ Eagle, Authors

In 2013, the popular video entertainment app, Vine, was launched to the public and became an instant success. It became the most downloaded free app of 2013, and grew exponentially over three years, gaining 200 million active users, and was sold to Twitter for $30 million. Then in 2016, after Twitter layed off 350 of its employees, it was announced that the app would be discontinued. After a massive outcry to the social networking service the creators responded, saying that all of the videos would still be available to watch, but users would no longer be able to post new ones. It led to a disrupt of internet culture and popular Viners were forced to find other platforms to produce content. A year later, Vine co-creator Dom Hoffman confirmed on his Twitter account that a new and improved Vine will return in 2018.

Hoffman elaborated on November 30 that he was “going to work on a follow-up to vine. I’ve been feeling it myself for some time and have seen a lot of tweets, dms, etc. I’m funding it myself as an outside project so it doesn’t interfere with the (quite exciting) work we’re doing at the company, which is my first priority.” He made this announcement via Twitter and has so far only revealed the new logo in terms of what the new app will look like and what features it will have.

Amidst the news of the app returning it was also made public that Vine has officially parted ways with Twitter and will exist as a standalone company. After the news was verified people took to the internet to say that old Viners’ like Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Lele Pons, King Bach, as well as other former Vine stars should not be allowed back to the new Vine. Junior Payton Kifus, a major supporter of Vine, says, “I am super excited! I’m not particularly fond of the big viners like Lele Pons, Jake Paul, and the others, but I’m excited to see regular people doing funny things again.” She, as well as many others, is ecstatic about the return and rebirth of Vine, but is a bit reluctant about the fact that former Vine stars like Lele Pons, Jake Paul, and Brent Rivera will return and take over Vine once again and not let other people have the spotlight. Despite this, it will be up to the individual Vine stars as to whether or not they will make a comeback on Vine 2.

The experimental beta copy of Vine 2 is to be released in early January 2018 and its official launch is expected to be in March 2018. As the date nears people are getting more and more excited for the launch of the app. Senior Kristen Kosteca, a fan of Vine, says, “I’m pretty excited that it’s coming back. Now that it’s coming back I can watch stupid videos and laugh and cry at the same time!” Hopefully Vine 2 will have a successful return and stay as a part of internet culture for years to come.