Preparation for Battlefield’s Prom

The steps you can take to have the perfect prom


Rylee Pledger and Lauren Kronzer

This year, Battlefield’s prom will take place on May 12, a date that causes lots of controversy because the date falls right in the middle of AP testing. Even though it has caused controversy, people are still excited for the dance. As exciting as this time is, students do need to prepare.  


For the ladies, or anyone who would want to wear a dress, there are several stores to go to for the perfect dress. One of these stores, Camille La Vie, may just be the store to find the one. They state that, “… trends [are] constantly evolving, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest dress styles to figure out which works best for you. This year, many of the hottest prom trends were inspired straight from the fashion week runways. For instance, bright floral print prom dresses as well as Aztec print prom dresses are must-haves for this season…” This is good to keep in mind when shopping for prom.


For guys, or anyone who would want to wear a tux, Men’s Warehouse is a good place to rent a tux. Students can reach this store in Manassas to rent their dream tux. Google gives a good review of the store that has been in this line of business for 40 years. They also provide custom made clothing in order to have a suit that fits perfectly.  Men’s Warehouse can be reached by phone at:  703-361-4041.


Mason Tincher, a junior at Battlefield, is a student preparing for prom. One way he is preparing is thinking about transportation, and that being a party bus. He plans on going to prom with a date but also a group of friends. He goes on to talk about tuxes, and he says the rule of tuxes is, “Only buy a tux if you are going to wear it twice,” due to the pricey nature of tuxes. He also mentions on the topic of tuxes, “if you lose one cufflink there’s twenty dollars,” a price that could cause dismay among students.  


Another part of prom, as aforementioned by Tincher, is the ride one takes to prom. For those who want to take a limo, they can contact Majestic Limousine Services at 703-273-4222.  Another limousine service one can call is Point to Point Limousine; one can contact them at 703-771-8100. Point to Point Limousine, states on their page that, “Whether you’re planning a wedding, anniversary, birthday party, theatre outing or just an elegant night out on the town, you’re going to want to get there safely.”  They also state that, “Point to Point Limousine Inc provides you with the kind of transportation that will help to make your event or occasion a memorable one.” A promising service for a student’s night.


Junior Abby Houchin also mentions that she usually gets her Homecoming dresses from Macy’s, which is probably where she will get her prom dress. On the topic of Promposals, she says she thinks they are really cute, and that there is benefits to both big and small promposals, because some people do not like being the center of attention. Houchin says if someone asks her to go with them to prom, she will go with them, but as of now she is going with friends. Houchin also plans on going in a car, because limos can get pricey.


As shown, getting ready for prom is a lot and takes lots of steps. From the dress, to the tux, the transportation, and who one is with to prom, it can all add up to make the perfect prom night.