A new type of delivery service

Amazon delivers packages right into homes


Amazon Prime packages Photo courtesy of Flickr via Creative Commons

Candace Chen, Author

Amazon is increasing its range of delivery options for its Prime customers. The company has recently introduced “in-home delivery,” a new service that ensures packages are delivered through a simple procedure made possible with advanced technology. Packages can now be placed right into customers’ homes.   

When ordering items online, customers face the risk of having their packages stolen from their doorsteps or being delivered to another home. Amazon is attempting to solve these problems by providing a unique alternative. Known as in-home delivery, Amazon hopes to ensure packages are delivered to the receiver and provide constant customer satisfaction. To be capable of using this service, one must purchase the Amazon Key Home Kit, which includes an Amazon Cloud Cam and an Amazon Key-compatible smart lock. According to the company’s official page, people can “use the Amazon Key App to unlock your door from anywhere, check in anytime with live view, watch clips of who entered and exited your home, and opt-in to in-home delivery.”

Many people question in-home delivery, worrying for the safety of their home since deliverers could potentially rob or damage it. Genevieve Fox, a Battlefield student and frequent Amazon user, says “I wouldn’t really trust it because somebody could abuse the system or there might be a malfunction.” With these issues in mind, Amazon has tried making this service more trustworthy, creating specific procedures for deliverers to follow and adding security features for the service in order to protect the customer. When packages are ready to be sent out, Amazon sends a message to the buyer, giving a four hour delivery window. Another notification is sent as the Amazon deliverer pulls into their home, with customers being capable of watching the delivery live. After the package is scanned and confirmed to be addressed to the correct home, the camera located inside the home begins recording, and the deliverer is allowed to unlock the door. Barely entering the household, the deliverer puts the package just inside the door and immediately requests to lock the door. Amazon’s support team confirms that it was re-locked, with a video recording becoming available for customers to view.

While people are still hesitant with using this service, Amazon is continuing to experiment in different cities to expand its services with in-home delivery. Currently, Whole Foods Market and Amazon are collaborating and have made grocery delivery possible in areas such as DC and Phoenix. WTOP reports, “Everything in the store is available for delivery, with the exception of hot food and salad bar items.” In addition, the groceries can be delivered quickly, arriving in only a few hours. This service combined with in-home delivery can benefit busy parents, as they can save time grocery shopping by ordering online.

Online shopping and businesses like Amazon are making buying products easier as time goes on. However, customers must be informed of the services they are using and the risks involved. It is important to realize how they work and function in order to stay safe. Once the risks are taken into account, people can enjoy features such as in-home delivery and the convenience they bring.