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Julia Hyde feature


Photo taken by Kayla Oba via Julia Hyde

Madison Thorpe, Author

Julia Hyde plays a big role here at Battlefield High School despite being only a junior. She is the Theatre President and SCA Secretary, and is also in the National Honor Society (NHS), National English Honor Society (NEHS), and the Creative Writing program, which works on the literary magazine.

The support from her parents and two teachers at BHS, Mr. Bridges and Mr. Noble, has played a major role in helping her follow the subjects she is most passionate about. Julia states, “Mr. Bridges has helped me improve my writing skills, which is really my chosen medium of art.” Mr. Bridges is the Journalism, Creative Writing, and English 9 teacher, who encourages all of his students to go after their passions. Julia continues that, “Mr. Noble has given me so many opportunities to explore my creative outlets, such as directing, stage managing, and more writing.” Mr. Noble is a Theatre and English 10 teacher who loves to get involved with the things his students are most enthusiastic about. These two teachers have made a huge impact on Julia during her high school career by providing opportunities for her to express and explore her creativity.

The Journalism program hosts Open Mic Nights in Haymarket at 4410 to raise money for the program. Julia has become a regular, and in a unique and creative way she shares the poems she has written, and they have led her to become a crowd favorite. She states, “When I first read poetry at open mic, I was terrified because as far as I knew, no one at BHS had done it like I had before. Yet, when I did it, everyone was so unbelievably supportive. I thought I was dreaming.” By seeing the support from everyone around her, it has given her a positive perspective towards everything she does. She offered encouragement to her fellow students when she said, “I would tell them to never act like the limit has been reached.” Pressure in high school can be hard to overcome for teenagers, but Julia has not let it come in the way and uses the pressure as an example to herself that trying her best is beneficial in the long run. She strives to do the best she can in everything she does, and pushes herself past her limits.

Julia Hyde is a positive example for her fellow classmates. She shows others that by believing in themselves and pursuing what they love, they can push their limits and reach new heights they would not have, have they not tried in the first place. She tries her best in everything she is involved in and because of that, she has grown into the leadership roles that she currently is in.