Battlefield is hype for the holidays

Outline of the upcoming winter spirit week


A girl wearing a Christmas sweater. Photo courtesy of Max Pixel via Creative Commons.

Ashley Donohoe, Author

Every year as an event approaches the Bobcat community, students are provided a guideline for stimulating anticipation through a spirit week. Coming up, the Battlefield Student Council Association (SCA) is planning a schoolwide spirit week for winter break, complete with holiday-themed activities for all Bobcats to enjoy.

Starting off the four day week on December 17, students get to attend school in their favorite holiday sleepwear for Jolly ‘Jama Day. On Wednesday the 19, the Blizzard Out signifies how all students should show up to school wearing only white. This is followed by Holiday Character Day on December 20, where Bobcats dress as any character from holiday stories or movies, such as Santa, gingerbread men, Kevin McCallister, and more. Lastly, Battlefield students can participate in the Ugly Sweater Day competition on Tuesday the 18. To participate in this event, students have to attend school in their most extravagant holiday sweater. That day, they must submit a photo in the sweater using #bhsuglysweater2018 on Twitter or Instagram. Later, SCA delegates will gather around to vote on their favorite sweater, eventually choosing a winner. This student will receive a prize from the school. Although it has not been decided yet, the previous year’s prize was a $25 Chick-Fil-A card, so it can be inferred this year’s prize will be of equal caliber.

Emily Reyna, last year’s Ugly Sweater Competition winner who is now attending NOVA, shares her motivation for participating in the competition, “I thought it was a really fun and cool idea and I had never heard of Battlefield doing it before, so I jumped in and joined! I also had quite the light up sweater which I had a feeling many would enjoy whether I won or not.” Reyna is a firm believer in participating in school functions, and she thinks it is interesting to see others break out of their comfort zones to support Battlefield. “My favorite part was being able to see everyone express themselves and show the wacky fun sides they keep hidden,” she elaborates. Reyna is proud to say she is the first ever sweater competition winner, and she cannot wait to see how many students carry on the competition for its second year.

Although spirit weeks usually prepare students for an important sports game or school dance, SCA President Kirt Boyd believes winter break is worthy of building anticipation for, saying, “BHS should exhibit school spirit all year round, not just during homecoming season.” One of SCA’s goals is to get students excited to be attending Battlefield, and they hope to accomplish this by creating an appealing environment filled with engaging activities. By getting students happy about their upcoming days off, SCA hopes to transfer that energy into a school event.

Battlefield senior Miguel George agrees with the SCA’s mission, believing, “everyone should participate [in spirit week] because it’s a fun way to express school spirit.” He goes on to add that he finds it fun to express his creativity in the costumes and outfits he dresses in, and he loves to, “see what other people come up with.” As more and more Battlefield students find time to dress up for spirit week, an environment of festivity is built within the school.

As December quickly approaches and Bobcats begin to look forward to their days off of school, they can be sure to enjoy one last week by participating in the holiday-themed winter spirit week. Filled with activities all students can find fun in, anticipation rises for the longest break in the school year.