Let the acceptances roll in

Students with special circumstances in the admission process


Ruby Samim stands on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University

Mary Alphonse and Lauren Kronzer

Most seniors experience the application and admission process for college. Every year, students will send out their applications with the hope to receive acceptance from their dream school. However, some students experience a slightly different process than most; colleges select them personally to come to their school with a special circumstance. Whether it be through athletics or academics, these students have excelled in their own field.

One way that students can get a scholarship or full ride to a university is through athletics. Throughout their high school careers, these students train hard to be selected to continue their sports careers at a university. Most of these students go through the experience of scouting and the pressures that come with it. Senior Hannah Karas, a varsity soccer player at Battlefield, was recently chosen by Christopher Newport University to play for their official soccer team, and she has confirmed her position through a verbal commitment. Karas says when she visited she fell in love with “the atmosphere because everyone is so kind, also the campus is beautiful.” Through playing for and attending classes at Christopher Newport, she will be combing both of her passions: “soccer and music.” Although Karas already had a verbal commitment to CNU, she “worked really hard on the application because [she] knew it was the only one [she] would do.” The whole process was still nerve-racking for her even though she was confident about her admissions. Karas is only one example of the many student-athletes at Battlefield who are going through this process as many have already verbally committed and many more continue to do so.

On the other side of things, many students get offered merit scholarships based on their academic achievements. These are similar to athletic offers but tend to come once the student has been accepted into the school. Senior Ruby Samim was recently accepted at Virginia Commonwealth University and was offered a significant scholarship based on her academics.  Samim considers this offer to “play a big part” in her decision-making process because she had never previously considered the scholarship option when applying to different schools. Samim has started to “second guess [her] other applications” due to this scholarship opportunity. VCU is definitely appealing to Samim as well as many other Battlefield students for the “ location,” “culture,” and “their well known medical program.” Samim had an experience many strive to have of not being that stressed because she started her application early which alleviated the stress of finishing by the deadline. Waiting for the response, she says, “was kind of nerve-wracking but worth it.” Samim is also one of many students receiving enticing offers from colleges and as others receive their responses, they may experience similar feelings.

The college application and decision process is a long and stressful one for all those who decide to take its route. Even for those with special circumstances such as academic or athletic success, the decision is a hard one to make.  Although the process can be stress-inducing and seem painful for many students, it will all be worthwhile at college next year.