You Matter

Demetrius Harmon breaking the stigma on mental health


Demetirus Harmon modeling his limited edition pink hoodie for breast cancer awareness month

Most of the aspiring comedians out there only focus on making people laugh. Yet, there are a few exceptions. Demetrius Harmon, also known by his tag of ‘MeechOnMars’, is a wildly popular comedian known for his creative skits on Twitter and YouTube. He started his career by making humorous, six-second videos on Vine. Since then, he has lifted up spirits and started making full videos of skits with his friend. However, what many people do not know is that he attempted suicide in freshman year of high school, and still struggles today with anxiety and depression at only the age of 20. Since then, he has spoken and given presentations at universities all over the country about mental health issues. He lets people know that they are not alone.

In his graduation commencement speech, Demetrius says, “there is so much darkness, and it is hard to believe there is any light in the world, but I never let that change my heart.” His unwavering optimism of a better future inspired those who were listening. “Now look at me, giving a graduation speech” He is constantly inspiring others not only through his words, but what he gives back to the community.

While he is always cheering people up in the best way possible, he also sells pull-over sweatshirts that have the words “you matter” across the chest. On the left wrist, it reads “I feel weak”, and on the right wrist it reads “but I know I’m strong”. Harmon sells these hoodies with the intentions of letting people know they are not alone and that together the stigma can be broken. Using the money he gained from the hoodies, he donated $20,000 to the Nanny Angel Network Breast Cancer Organization. He also sold limited-edition pink sweatshirts during the month of October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Sophomore Danielle Brandveen gave her opinion on Harmon and how he affected her life. “Whenever I am down, I can always count on his videos to cheer me up and it helps to know that he has the same struggles I do.” Danielle says she has struggled with anxiety for the past few years and that Demetrius Harmon is her favorite comedian. She is one of the many proud owners of his famous sweatshirt.

In an article by Affinity Magazine, they talk about how Harmon created a mini-movie called “Be Happy” that he released on September 18th. “Through the short, Harmon hopes to showcase this and other uncomfortable truths about depression.” The magazine interviewed Harmon and he proceeded to explain that he wanted to spread happiness to all. He continuously does that by selling his sweatshirts and speaking out at colleges for people who need it