Obama’s second legendary debut

Former President reaches number 22 on an unexpected list


President Obama sits in the Oval Office

Minjin Chang, Author

Former President Barack Obama reached number 22 on Billboard’s list of R&B songs. Obama released a remix of a number from the broadway show Hamilton, created by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda also features in the show himself. The remix, which is based off of the original number “One Last Time,” is sung by a multi-talented composer, Christopher Jackson, and am R&B artist, Bebe Winans. Winans is also a well known gospel singer. The track is named “44 remix” due to Obama being the the 44th President and also featuring on the song.

Laughter and smiles were shared in the East room of the white house on March 14, 2016 as Obama spoke out before the performance of “Hamilton.” The former president admitted to the brilliance of the Broadway musical and shared that “the show reminds us that this nation was built by more than just a few great men – and that it is an inheritance that belongs to all of us.” At this time Obama was unaware that he would receive the chance to sing in a remix of a number that is from the show that he so admires. Nor did he know that he would reach number 22 on Billboard’s list of R&B songs.

According to Billboard this is not the first time Obama has placed on a Billboard playlist. In the past, Obama’s songs have been placed on playlists such as “A Moment in History: The Inauguration of Barack Obama,” which  hit No. 6 on the TV DVD sales tally in March 2009. A lesson that can be learned it that you should not throw away your shot. Press play to an unexpected collaboration for what might really amazing.