Trends that should stay in 2018

A review of the some worst trends of the year


Girl makes ASMR video while holding slime.

Ellen Muldowney, Author

With the new year beginning, that means new resolutions, new goals, and new trends. 2018 was a very influential year in terms of trends. Trends come and go, some faster than others, but the time they have in the spotlight can take the world by storm. While these trends are usually put into a positive light, there are some that might need to be let go of.


One of the biggest trends of 2018 was slime. It is almost impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing a slime video or advertisement. The gooey and squishy substance was, for some reason, very appealing to younger children. Battlefield sophomore, Alejandro Molina, says, “My younger cousin would always watch slime videos and every time he’d come to visit, he’d bring all of this slime and it would make a huge mess.” No matter if it is store bought or DIY slime, it has the ability to stain hands, clothes, furniture, and pretty much anything. It will leave parents annoyed and furious with their kids… and with the need to buy a new couch.


Another huge trend of 2018 was “dad shoes.” These bold and bulky looking shoes, worn by both girls and boys, gained popularity throughout the year. With the return of other 80’s and 90’s fashion trends like mom jeans and scrunchies, these shoes made a surprising return to compliment that “retro look” so many people strive for. Freshman, Chloe Miller, says, “ I get that old school fashion is coming back and all but I just don’t think dad shoes should, because in my opinion, they’re too big and clunky. I guess you could say they’re just really not cute.” Big high-end brands like Balenciaga are known for selling these shoes and some say started this trend. Some people in this generation tend to be attracted to those types of brands, therefore making expensive accessories more popular.


In the world of Youtube, ASMR videos were the top trend having millions of views. Some people find it to help them relax, but a lot of people find it disgusting. Youtuber Sarah Rush made a video about this saying, “ Nothing makes me more mad then hearing the sound of people eating or drinking into a microphone. It is nauseating to me.”  Not only do people listen to it and watch it, but they have also started to make videos of their own. Whether it is whispering noises, rubbing things together, eating, or even just tapping, it leaves some people with an unsettling feeling that does not need to be brought in to the new year.


2018 had many trends, some good and some bad. From the uprising of “dad shoes” to the excessive use of slime and watching of ASMR, most everyone were in on the latest craze at some point. Soon enough, these trends will die out and newer trends will replace them, hopefully for the better.