Us the movie

New horror movie breaking the box office


Us is a new horror movie directed by Jordan Peele. It’s about a family who goes to their old summer home. Adelaide, the mother, senses something bad will happen because of a traumatic experience she had as a child at the same summer home. Then later one night a family appears in their driveway and to their surprise the family looks exactly like them. The movie follows them as they try to escape their doppelgängers and find out why they are here.

The movie did very well in the box office and generated 70 million making Us having the largest weekend for an original horror movie. They also got great reviews BookMyShow, a ticket company, said “Us uses metaphors in classic Jordan Peele style to engage the viewers and elicit a response. It is, in a nutshell, a satirical reflection of are society”. Jordan Peele is known for making productions with a hidden and deeper meaning. Just like his other movie Get Out that had a deeper meaning about race.

After the movie was released there were already multiple different theories about the movie. One major one being that Us is in the same universe as Get Out, another film directed by Jordan Peele, IGN, American video game and entertainment media website, says “Both films certainly focus on themes of oppression and appropriation, arguing that privilege determines who is worthy of agency and who is disposable”. There are some connections between the two films but nothing concrete. After both movies fans went wild with fan theories of their own. That have cause debates and arguments.

Although rated R many teens also watched the thriller movie. Many say that Us was much scarier then Get Out. Ashley Kehoe, a freshman at battlefield, says that, “I really liked the movie Us it had a really good plot and was a lot more scarier than I thought it would be.”

I really liked the movie Us it had a really good plot and was a lot more scarier than I thought it would be

— Ashley Kehoe

Jordan Peele was determined to make this film frightening in hopes that the audience would jump out of their seats and most would agree that he did just that.

This movie was highly anticipated and turned out to be a pretty great film that has caused a lot of debates and many assumptions. Many would say Jordan Peele has made a successful second attempt of making a horror movie that captivates audiences.