Electives at Battlefield

The lack of numbers this year in certain electives at Battlefield


Battlefield High School logo. Photo courtesy Battlefield High School.

Kayla Noto, Author

There are many electives offered here at Battlefield. These electives rang from different music electives, Journalism, Creative Writing, Yearbook, a new Culinary class, and so much more. With the variety of electives offered, there is bound to be something that will fit a students needs and wants. However, with the wide variety some electives may have very small numbers or be cut altogether for the school year. 

Yearbook class has always had a good amount of staff members, sadly this year they are working with a smaller amount of staff members. Junior and Copy Editor, Zoe Goehrig, says “The smaller numbers this year in yearbook has both pros and cons. The cons being that it is a lot more demanding of the staff and editors as far as work and deadlines. Yearbook is not like a normal elective because they are making a product. They are creating something that the whole school is going to see, and something that showcases memories that will live a lifetime in some of the students minds. Even though they have smaller numbers this year, they are working hard with the staff members they do have to create an amazing product that will keep those memories and showcase the year. 

Creative Writing has always had multiple sections. There was always Creative Writing 1 and Creative Writing 2. They were separate classes and worked on different things and different curriculums. This year, there is only one creative writing class, and it is filled with students from creative writing 1 and 2. Some of the students enjoy the smaller class sizes though, Creative Writing 2 student, Claire Marche, expresses, “Especially in the creative writing program, having smaller class sizes is a lot easier than having a larger class. It’s not as loud for people that need some quiet in order to think.” There are some disadvantages to having a smaller class size though. The literary magazine that the program puts out every year, is mostly funded by the patron campaign that the students donate to. With the smaller class size, funding is going to be a bit more difficult this year. 

In some cases, an elective has to be cut for the year because of lack of interest within the student body. Music Theory was one of the classes that had to be cut because not a lot of people signed up for it. Music.stackexchange says, “The biggest problem is people don’t understand what music theory is. People take or see an intro music theory where your hand is being held to learn and compose a certain style and it scares most people away without them seeing a bigger picture.” Lack of interest is always a reason for not enough participation in an elective. If a student is not interested in something, then it will persuade their choices on electives. 

Even though small numbers have struck different electives at Battlefield, they are all working hard and embracing the low numbers.