Young Life

The Christian organization that is starting up at Battlefield


Photo Credit via the Western Prince William Young Life Instagram page

Georgia Mintz, Author

Young Life is a religious ministry with a goal to connect with high school students all around the world and introduce them to Christianity. Young Life includes hundreds of smaller groups that will attend local school events, have weekly meetings with students to talk about Christianity, and host summer and fall camps. Young Life describes themselves on their website as “a place to talk about surviving school, break-ups, parents, bad grades, or God.” Their main goal is to get to know students and bring them closer to God. 

Recently, Young Life has started up at Battlefield. The organization attended the cookout at the first home game of the school year, and got to meet many students and introduce them to Young Life. Becca Convington is one of the Young Life leaders, and she went to this cookout to advertise for Young Life’s weekly small group, campaigners. Campaigners is a small group that meets every Monday evening, and talks about what it looks like to be a Christian in high school. They play games, read the bible, and make connections with other Christian teens. 

Sophomore Callie Curtis attended the first campaigners meeting last Monday, and when asked what she enjoys most about it she said, “I really enjoy how inclusive campaigners is and how the kids that go may not be in the same circle of friends at Battlefield but everyone gets along so well there and we all feel comfortable talking about whatever with each other.” Many high school kids are looking for a judgement-free zone where they can feel accepted and heard, and making kids feel accepted is Young Life’s main goal. From just that one campaigners meeting, Callie says she is already meeting people she would not have if it was not for Young Life. 

  Young Life also attends a camp called Rockbridge, located in Goshen, VA. It is a high school camp filled with fun outdoor activities such as rock climbing, zip lining, and a ropes course. Young Life takes a group of Battlefield students to this camp for a weekend in the fall and a week in the summer where teens can have fun while building a relationship with others and Christ. This camp is for people from all different backgrounds and walks of life, so Rockbridge is not just for people who are already Christians. 

Becca Covington said that Young Life’s ultimate goal is to, know every student at Battlefield High School, have a personal relationship with them, and create a safe, fun space to talk about life.” It does not matter if a student comes from a religious background or not; Young Life wants to connect with teens and let them have a place to be themselves.