Quick tips to improve writing skills

The importance of writing


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons via Pixabay

Writing is an important activity. Most people are required to write multiple time from the moment they wakes up to the moment they go to sleep. High school is a time where students are taught many efficient and different ways of writing in order to have a basis for college and beyond. Here are a few tips to either brush up on writing skills, or become a better writer as a whole.  


Write everyday

Does practice really make perfect? The answer is “yes,” says Medium, a news and media platform. With anything like sports or studying, deliberate and consistent practice is a strong indicator of performance and improvement. It is important to try to attempt to write everyday. Even if it is only a paragraph, write daily. Have trouble coming up with something to write about? Make up a story or simply write about something amazing that happened today. Any writing practice will prove to be beneficial.  


Read everyday

As Stephen King, a horror and supernatural author, says, “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” No grammar rules or writing techniques will help in becoming a better writer if one does not invest time in reading. It is important not just to read anything, but good and diverse material, says Huffington Post. Reading provides a way to find inspiration, allows access to a greater set of vocabulary, and makes it easy to learn grammar rules. Reading also exposes writers to different styles, voices, and genres of writing than they are used to. As a result, one is equipped with another set of tools to aid them in any form of writing. 


It is important to read works written by experienced writers. If there is no reference point for gaining success, there is no progress. Everyone starts by learning from the masters and by emulating them. This also aids in finding one’s voice. A writer’s voice consists of their personality and life experiences. This gives life to the writing and inserts emotion and feeling. 


Record ideas

It is important to record writing ideas as they pop into one’s head. Senior Safyque Richardson uses writing as a creative outlet. In recording ideas, she says that “it gives inspiration to write something because there are always ideas right there for you. You never feel completely out of ideas.” Keeping a journal or having them as in a phone allows for easy access for a place to store and spark ideas.  


From texting and writing an essay for English class, writing is one of the most prevalent aspects in life. The best thing about writing is that it can be improved. Good writing is within everyone’s reach, and these tips will propel one in the right direction.