Battlefield philanthropic 5k

How students are getting involved within the community


Photo courtesy via salcinstagram

Battlefield High School has an incredible leadership program that goes by both SALC and SALT, this program is taught by many teachers around Battlefield. This November SALC 2 and SALT is hosting a Philanthropic 5k in order to help the Manassas homeless shelter. This program teaches students how to lead and take charge on multiple different atmospheres, so for this particular project the students are taking the lead to host a successful and productive 5k.

           An event like this can impact the whole school, bringing everyone together to help the people of the Manassas homeless shelter. Junior Rachel Kim says “I believe that an event like this can have a huge impact on the student body. By having the 5k, it will bring the school together and it’s a way for people to bond and fight together for an amazing cause.” For events like this 5k, there will be volunteers, runners, sponsors, and people available to support everyone. In order for this 5k to be effective and successful, it has been promoted on multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, on many accounts controlled by many different clubs and students at Battlefield.

           This 5k is a unique, very interactive fundraiser to get the whole community involved to help a good cause. Battlefield Junior in SALC 2 Zarin says “Mr. Nemrow actually started the 5k and he did it through the soccer program at battlefield. Mr. Nemrow presented the idea to us and thought SALC would be the perfect program to continue the event.“ This event was brought to Battlefield a few years ago by the boys soccer team when they needed a way to raise money. Since this event was done previously, the route for the 5k had already been drafted, taking one thing off the SALC and SALT students’ plates allowing them to focus on receiving donations and sponsors from companies, people around the area, and even their own families.

             A huge part of hosting a fundraiser is receiving funds from multiple donors willing to help. This is when the community comes into play because without donations this event would not be able to happen. Student Madeline Stone said “It will benefit the community as a whole by getting everyone together and raising money for Northern VA family services.”  Bringing everyone together in order to help the community will really benefit Battlefield and the leadership programs by reaching their goal of raising money for the Manassas homeless shelter.

             At Battlefield, students strive to help each other and the community around them to help make it a better place for students to learn and prosper. This 5k is just one of the ways students come together in order to benefit the community for the better.