Santa’s helpers

Volunteer opportunities available during the winter season


Community volunteers gather wearing Santa hats. Image courtesy of Flickr via Google Images.

Savannah Jones, Author

Winter is an important time of the year for many Bobcats. Some members of the Battlefield community celebrate holidays, others are on the lookout for upcoming winter sports, and other Bobcats are in it for the many local winter-themed events. However, options can be limited for people looking to volunteer during the holidays. When the cold weather rolls in, prospective volunteers may find that many of the organizations they partnered with for summer volunteering do not offer as many opportunities for community service during the winter months. So, where can Bobcats volunteer this winter?

One option is Battlefield’s Humane Society. Elisa Lewis, the club’s president, tells The BHS Beat, “The Battlefield Humane Society volunteers with two local shelters: Middleburg Humane Foundation and Fauquier SPCA. We often staff events that Middleburg hosts, which can range from a Christmas Parade to their Annual Blue Jean Ball.” These important events are attended not only by student volunteers but by members of many community organizations. Lewis goes on to add, “We also have the opportunity to work hands on with Middleburg’s animals if we attend special training sessions. Fauquier SPCA lets us come in to their shelter and read to their dogs. It’s a way of calming them down and providing companionship, even if it’s just over an hour.” Throughout the winter, the Battlefield Humane Society, alongside its connected organizations and shelters, is involved in various community events driven by volunteers.

With an international battle against climate change being fought this year, many Bobcats may be looking for an opportunity to volunteer for the environment this winter. An option available is Battlefield’s very own Environmental Club, which meets every other Thursday. “Environmental club is centered around the idea that students at Battlefield High School can enact change in our school and community. Our goal is to promote environmentally conscious choices in and around battlefield via education and engagement…We usually focus on environmental education and ways that the students of Battlefield can engage and educate others,” the Environmental Club Instagram page told The BHS Beat. “We do various projects related to the recycling program at our school, everything from the actual labor involved to more artistic projects. We are hoping to incorporate various other creative as well as sustainability improvement projects throughout the year.” There is a place in the Environmental Club for every environmentally conscious Bobcat looking to volunteer for the welfare of the planet.

Another option for students looking to participate in community-based volunteering is Battlefield’s Key Club organization. Ms. Starkey, a current Key Club sponsor, says of the club, “In Key Club, we ask that students work to build and serve their homes, school, and community. Our officers encourage all students to uphold to our standard of earning 30 volunteer hours per year by fostering a strong relationship between officers and members and encouraging positive reinforcement.” Key Club offers numerous volunteering activities specific to the winter season. When asked about such opportunities, Ms. Starkey went on to say that, “[Key Club’s] November and December volunteer opportunities include working with the Haymarket Food Pantry, working with the PTO at the Fall-A-Rama, working the Wreaths Across America Booth at Fall-A-Rama and the varsity football game, cleaning up the stadium after the varsity football game, and laying wreaths at the Wreaths Across America ceremony in Arlington or at Quantico.” No matter the time of year, Key Club will always have important community-based opportunities that every Bobcat can participate in.

While the colder months can be limiting for those looking for a chance to engage in community service, there are always organizations on the lookout for new volunteers. Numerous clubs within Battlefield are actively seeking students to help lead their winter volunteer efforts. Any Bobcat on the hunt for a new opportunity to help their planet or even their local community can find something to do this winter.