Friday Night Ice

What is in store for the upcoming hockey season


Captain Chris Shannon playing during the game against Kettle Run.

Karley Regalado and Madison Miller, Author

This year’s 2019-2020 Battlefield hockey team is off to a good start. They have already had tons of support and recently pulled many people out to the hockey game on November 8th, 2019, during which the team played against Kettle Run Highschool. Grant Wagner, Sophomore at Battlefield, scored them 5 points. Then Jason Brady, Battlefield senior, scored 3 goals during the game and Nikolai Chernitsky had 3 assists. 

The game between Battlefield and Kettle Run ended in a tie with a score of 6-6.  The hockey team shared their thoughts on Twitter, saying “We tied @KRunHockey 6-6. An intense game that has us now 1-0-1.” It was their first home game of the season, and they started the season off well. During the first and second quarter of the game, the Battlefield hockey team was up 3 points, but then Kettle Run had caught up and it was 3-4. Later, during the fourth quarter, both Battlefield and Kettle Run scored points and ended the game in a tie 6-6. Battlefield fans found it to be a fierce game. Battlefield Junior Lindsey Peterson shares how she felt about the game, saying, “I thought the hockey game was really fun. When I was watching at the top of the arena with friends a lot of people were getting excited, shouting, and banging on the glass. When it got down to the last minute of the game a lot of people thought it would end in a tie, but continued cheering on the team.” Many people expect Battlefields hockey team to have a good year and cannot wait for more games to come. 

Senior Jason Brady has been on the hockey team all 4 years and is excited for this season as Alternate Captain. He thinks that this year will be even better than last year for the hockey team. Many of the players have worked hard to improve and enhance their performance for this season. Brady states, “The team started out the season great! We only lost a few of our seniors last season, so having most of our returning players was huge for us and not needing to make any big adjustments.”  These familiar players will continue to work together and lead the team to many wins throughout the season. 

Another senior on the team, Reese Goetz, is currently not playing due to an injury that he got while playing for his travel hockey team. After going to the Emergency Room, he was told that he has a type 3 tear in his MCL, or Medial Collateral Ligament. Goetz says, “Although I am unable to play for Battlefield at the moment, I still plan on attending the hockey games and supporting my team for the rest of the season.” He is not letting this setback keep him from supporting his teammates, some of which he has played with for the last four years.

Following last week’s game against Kettle Run, the Battlefield hockey team will move forward confidently, ready to take on Tuscarora/ Westfield this Friday night at the Haymarket IcePlex. They will continue to put in their all, in hopes to make this season the most rewarding one yet.