Battlefield’s new yoga club

The new start of the yoga club at BHS


Photo by Zarin Rahman

This year, Battlefield High School has started yoga classes during flex periods once a month. The Yoga Club was the idea of junior Madison Graham and Mrs. Starkey serves as its advisor. The purpose is to increase mental stability at Battlefield and create a more peaceful state of mind within the community. The first meeting was held on October 9 in the Auxiliary Gym and the next meeting is on November 20. 

Graham was interviewed about yoga at Battlefield. “I came across the idea of having yoga at Battlefield over the summer while I was trying to connect with myself.” She describes her physical struggle and how it correlates with her mental health. “I decided it was time for me to start ending my prolonged battle of mental and physical illness.” She decided to try meditation and found that yoga helped her immensely. That is when she wanted to share it with others around her. “I worked with people in leadership positions on mental health education programs across the country to help spread awareness and knowledge of mental health.” Graham also had the yoga club team up with Battlefield’s very own Student Activities Leadership Course (SALC) who is always promoting the yoga club on their social media platforms. 

According to Bethany Butzer and Lisa Flynn of Greater Good Magazine, yoga at school can “improve attention and memory and alleviate academic stress, three factors that are important for academic success.” It also explains how yoga can lead to fewer behavior problems. “Yoga positively affects students’ awareness of their emotions and behaviors, this might help students control impulse and negative reactions.” Yoga at school also improves students’ overall well-being and make school much more enjoyable. 

When giving her opinion on yoga both as a whole and at Battlefield, junior Jordan Vrchoticky explained that it “yoga makes her feel better and ready for the day” and that yoga at school would “positively affect her schedule” because it reduces stress, therefore helping her focus on her work. Joining the yoga club would help with the stress of daily school life while also getting in a good workout for the day. 

Yoga always requires patience and open-mindedness and to do it at school may be a challenge, but it is worth it. Be sure to sign up on Student Naviance for the next meeting on November 20 during flex periods 4 and 7.