Battlefield Wrestling

A preview on what the team is working on and when to see them


Former Battlefield wrestler Beau Curtis pins his opponent to the ground. Photo by Jeff Malmgren.

Nickolas Hagy, Author

Battlefield High School has many different types of sports, but one sport that stays somewhat below the radar is the wrestling team. After last season, where they were very successful, the team is looking for more success this 2019-2020 season. Being on the team is difficult, but the experience and bonds formed makes it a close knit family 

Before the first J.V. match on December sixth, the team will be practicing almost every school day, only taking off for some holidays. For two hours, the team runs through drills and practices to make sure each wrestler knows what to do in a given situation. Anything from working with techniques and maneuvers to pinning their opponent is worked on and perfected for their tournaments. 

Sophomore Zack Roberts says the team runs different exercises throughout practice, “We do a lot of live conditioning, which helps with endurance and the “tools” [techniques] during matches.” Proper preparation is key to the success of the team, and without practice and small matches, the team would not be able to succeed in State competitions. 

A nice part of the wrestling team, according to junior wrestler Cory Nelson, is the wholesomeness of the team, “I love that it’s like a family. Everyone’s got everybody’s back on everything.” Having a family-esque team is important, not only for morale, but also for performance and trust. Each member is able to rely on one another for any help whatsoever, wrestling related or not. 

The team faces some competition, such as Patriot and Chantilly High Schools. Nelson says the team is not worried, however, “I don’t know how many wins we had for sure, but there’s not one team in the district we’re too worried about. Chantilly is probably the second best in the region, but I don’t know what schools to look out for during states.” A good confidence will help the team maintain success throughout the year, as well as keep team morale up for practice and losses. 

The season runs from early December to late February, ending with States competitions on the weekend of February 21st to 22nd. Anyone can come to matches and tournaments, and the schedule is posted on the Battlefield Athletics Website. The whole school is rooting for the Bobcats and hoping for a successful season!