Meet the Editors-in-Chief of Journalism

Getting to know the lives of Camille Owen and Rylee Pledger


Camille Owen and Rylee Pledger

Journalism has been an elective at Battlefield since the opening of the school way back in 2004. Within the program, there are editor positions that are taken up by students of the Advanced Journalism class. The Editors-in-Chief are the head of the program, making sure the magazine and website are running smoothly and all the editors are doing their job. Seniors Rylee Pledger and Camille Owen have taken up the role of EIC this year, and continue to take the journalism program to great lengths and impressive goals.

Camille is always spotted with a smile on her face and loves to help others in any way she can. She joined journalism her freshman year and dived straight into the program as an editor sophomore year. As a junior, she decided to apply for the Junior Editor-in-Chief position, and discovered her love for the magazine and the process of designing it. After that, she knew she wanted to go for Editor-in-Chief and received the job alongside Rylee. This year as Editor-in-Chief, Camille ran the school magazine for the first semester. She would help organize what the magazine would look like and help those who were designing spreads. Owen shares that “This job has taught me that not everything is going to be perfect, but because it is not perfect that actually makes it better. You can see the hard work that was put into it.” Camille’s favorite part of journalism is the people that are part of it, and she shares that she has met some of her best friends through the program. 

Senior Ashley Donohoe is one of Camille’s best friends that she got closer to through the journalism program. Donohoe shares that

“After becoming Editor in Chief I have witnessed her branch out and learn how to lead people, and she handles the position with so much humility. I cannot wait to spend the next four years with her writing for the Cavalier Daily!”

— Ashley Donohoe

Rylee is always spotted making conversation with others, cracking jokes, and making sure everybody feels included. She joined journalism her freshman year, and before EIC she was Junior Editor-in-Chief, a design editor, and a content editor. This semester as Editor-in-Chief, Rylee ran the news website that has published articles from students for the school to read. Pledger shares that she went for her current position because she loves the journalism program and wanted to have a say in its future. Rylee recalls that “Being Editor-in-Chief has taught me that it is super important to have people that you can count on, and how important it is to have people around you that hold you accountable.” She shares that her favorite part of the program is getting to connect with people in the Battlefield community who she would normally not connect with.

Candace Osei is a Senior at Battlefield and has been best friends with Rylee since middle school. She shares that “Rylee is always there for you when you need encouragement or when you are having a bad day. She makes every situation fun and I love having her as my best friend.”

The journalism program wants to thank Camille and Rylee for all that they have contributed and done this year. Their positive attitudes and welcoming personalities make the program what it truly is. They are amazing girls who will go on to do extraordinary things in the future, and will always be remembered as incredible Editors-in-Chief.