SAT score submissions becoming optional

Schools not requiring test scores


This photo is showing the general SAT logo and CollegeBoard, which is how to access all of an individual’s information. Photo Courtesy by Brainerd Dispatch

Katie Schoettle, Writer

 Juniors and some seniors stress about getting a good score on a big test known as the SAT. This worldwide test has been going on for many years now. Finally, schools are starting to make it optional to submit the individual’s score on a college application. Not being required to submit an SAT score can be helpful to people because not everyone is a good test taker, a test can not define a person’s knowledge, and it helps individuals focus on academic performance. Just a simple step for colleges to step away from can go a long way.

 Taking a big test can be very stressful due to having the pressure of needing to do a good job. Some people may just not be good at taking tests and being in the testing environment. Ryan DellaPeruto, a junior, says, “When it comes to testing, it is just not for me. Being under the pressure of worrying about passing gets me caught up in my thoughts, and I forget everything that I’ve learned.” Testing is not for everyone and can be unfair when it comes to submitting a low score that could be higher. Schools going towards removing the submission of scores can relieve a lot of pressure from students. 

 An individual’s smartness can not be defined by a standardized test. These exams only test on certain parts of a person’s education. It can not show accurate intellect and skills of a student. The Magnet Tribune says, “Colleges look at students test scores because standardized tests measure students’ knowledge. I believe that instead, they should look at what really shows a student’s intellect and skills like high school grades and GPA.” A more accurate representation of a student’s knowledge can come from the grades they have received in the classes they took throughout high school. It is unfair to rely on a test that is close to showing nothing of a student’s ability.

 Not focusing on a big test that is known as a prime factor to get into college can help students perform more academically better. This can make an individual get better grades, take harder classes, and focus on maintaining a high GPA. Allie Powers, a junior, says, “Not taking this stressful test can lead me with more time to study and do homework, which means I can take more difficult classes.” Taking harder classes leaves an option open of taking weighted classes which factors into a student’s GPA. Giving more time to study and focus on getting good grades can help a student’s academic performance.

 College taking away submitting an SAT score on an application can help many students in multiple ways. This can improve a person’s academic performance by being able to focus on class grades. This can also be helpful because not everybody is good at taking tests, and a test can not show an individual’s knowledge due to only focusing on very few targets. Schools getting rid of this can take away a lot of pressure and stress on an individual.