The Scammys

Billie Eilish swept the Grammys leaving Ariana Grande with no awards


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons via Creative Commons.

On January 26, 2020, the 62nd annual Grammys were held. The 18 year-old upcoming artist, Billie Eilish, won the five out of six Grammy awards she was nominated for. This left 26 year-old pop sensation, Ariana Grande, with none. A lot of the media was unhappy with the results of the Grammys, but how did Eilish and Grande react?

Eilish was nominated for Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Record of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, Best New Artist, and Best Pop Solo Performance, which was won by Lizzo. Grande was nominated for five awards, Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance, Best Pop Duo / Group Performance, and Best Pop Vocal Album. After the award show, Grande tweets, “I had a great time tonight 🙂 thank u for everything.” Although Grande was not able to add to her small collection of one Grammy, she seemed to enjoy herself. 

Daily News reports Eilish is seen mouthing, “Please don’t be me”, before receiving the Album of the Year award for her debut album, When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?. When Eilish was giving her speech after accepting the award she praises Grande saying, “Can I just say that Ariana deserves this. Thank U, Next got me through some stuff*, and I think it deserves more than anything in the world. I love you,” The cameras then went to Grande gesturing to Eilish that she is deserving of the award. 

Although Eilish and Grande have no tension between them, the media had conflicting views about the outcome of the awards. Grande fans, also known as “Arianators”, took to twitter and made “#scammys” trending on Twitter. @danniiiboy_ tweets , “Ariana and Billie stans since the #SCAMMYs”, attaching a video of two girls fighting each other. Arianators argued that Grande’s album was better produced and that her vocals are more complex. Eilish fans disagreed backing Eilish saying it was not her fault that she swept the awards leaving Grande empty handed. 

Rylie Swenson, a freshman at Battlefield, says, “I love Billie Eilish, but I think Ariana should have won at least one Grammy considering she is just a better singer than Billie is and worked just as hard to make her album.” When it comes to any competition, not everyone is going to be happy with the results. Although the media has conflicting views about the Grammys, Grande and Eilish seem to be equally proud of each other’s success in the music industry.