Dear Kobe

A tribute to Kobe Bryant


Kobe Bryant in front of his two numbers, Photo courtesy to Flickr via Creative Commons

Usra Abdulkadir, Writer

On Sunday, January 26, NBA superstar Kobe Bryant passed away in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California. Alongside him was his daughter, Gianna. They were on their way to Gigi’s basketball practice, because Bryant has explained that he does not want to travel by car because of Los Angeles traffic, and does not want to arrive late to his family’s events. 

Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James posted a tribute to Bryant on his Instagram and spoke about what an amazing person he was. He says to Kobe, “I promise you I’ll continue your legacy.” James had a very close relationship with Bryant, and he now has the honor of continuing what Bryant started on the Lakers. 

Junior Caleb Clark is one of the millions of people affected by the loss of Bryant. Clark’s favorite basketball team has always been the Lakers and his all-time favorite player has been Kobe. “I got hit before 8th grade with a knee injury and cannot play ball anymore. But his Mamba Mentality helped me find myself and pursue Muay Thai and kickboxing, and gave me a better work ethic and belief in myself.” This is only one example of many people whom Bryant positively impacted and inspired. Clark, obviously being devastated by the news, shared what he would say to Bryant if he were still here. “Thank you. Thank you for picking me up, bringing the Lakers to 5 [championship rings], inspiring me to not only be a better athlete, but a stronger person.” Clark will continue to live on with Bryant in him, and will forever keep him in his heart. 

Junior Amanda Lund is another person impacted by not only Kobe’s death, but how he lived his life. “I was initially shocked and it just did not seem real,” she explains how she felt when she heard the news. “He was such an influential basketball player and everyone loved him, and his legacy will be carried on for generations.” When asked what she would say to him and his family she said “You are so very loved and that his legacy would be carried on. You guys are so strong and they will be missed dearly.” She talks about her growing up with Bryant as a role model and her experiences with her friends as children who always wanted to be like Kobe. 

The deviating news came with a shock to everyone, however, it is important to remember the kind of person he was. To be an amazing father, husband, friend, basketball player, and role model takes a tremendous amount of skill that he possessed. His legacy will live forever on.