Hooray for the girls of SCA

Getting to know Aden Beyene and Candace Osei


SCA President Aden Beyene and Vice President Candace Osei with their fellow officers. Photo Courtesy of Candace Osei

Vivian Lee and Kailee Dishmon

The Student Council Association (SCA) is one of the biggest clubs at Battlefield and continues to contribute to the school in beneficial and uniting ways. The student led organization focuses on the betterment of Battlefield and creating an environment for all students to feel welcomed. SCA takes on the role of organizing pep rallies, spirit weeks, dances, and various other Bobcat events. Students from all grade levels are welcome to join and assist the council with these exciting functions. The club also contains an officer board that helps lead the members in any way possible. Aden Beyene is the current president, alongside Candace Osei as vice president. The two seniors have taken on this amazing leadership role and continue to lead the club in success.

Candace has been in SCA for four consecutive years, and was vice president of her Junior class prior to this year. Her main job is to plan pep rallies and spirit weeks, while also assisting her fellow officers and members with anything they need. She shares that she loves being able to represent her school in a positive way, and enjoys the memorable friendships she has made through student council. 

One of those friendships includes the relationship Candace and Aden have developed working together this year. Osei recalls that last year she did not get to talk to Aden a lot, but now the two share daily calls and hour long FaceTimes. The Vice President shares that “I would describe Aden as passionate, determined, and extremely humble. She knows what she wants and how to accomplish it, so she does that and that is what I love about her.” She expresses that she is grateful that the two have become closer, and values the friendship they share. 

Just like Candace, Aden has been an active member of Battlefield’s Student Council Association for four continuous years. Throughout the years she upheld the roles of class delegate, secretary, and vice president. She shares that she has always loved being involved with Battlefield, and adores the rewarding feeling of being able to leave a lasting impact on others. Aden is in charge of conducting the morning announcements, planning meetings, preparing schedules, and communicating with her fellow officers/members. Although the job is very time consuming, Aden states that she enjoys every part of it. Her DM’s are constantly filled with questions from students, and is oftentimes called out of class to deal with concerns. She works hand in hand with administration to plan fundraisers and outreach initiatives. Beyene appreciates how involved she gets to be with Battlefield as SCA president. Through her position she has established memorable relationships with administration and her fellow Bobcats. 

With a role as important as president, Aden needs someone like Candance in her corner. The two operate as teammates and Aden often turns to Candace for advice regarding SCA and in general. She describes Candace as: “Hilarious, calming, organized, and diligent. As someone who is often regarded as extremely studious, Candace is the perfect Vice Presidential match for me. She balances me out to keep the SCA a lively place with a blend of work and fun.” Aden shares that SCA is her second family and Candace is one of the members.  

Overall, being a member of SCA requires a large amount of time and commitment; however, it is definitely worth it in the end. Although it is not easy to plan pep rallies or dances for the entirety of the school, SCA completes these projects wonderfully and ensures that all students will enjoy their time. As stated previously, students in all grade levels are welcome to join SCA and continue to help contribute to Battlefield.