An inside look at Inside15000

The Battlefield high school journalism program

Camille Owen

With the start of a new semester, the Battlefield Journalism program is changing the way they deliver news to the student body. From the relaunched website to the fresh magazine, the new program has something for everyone to enjoy.

Senior Rylee Pledger is Editor-in-Chief of the Battlefield magazine, Inside1500. “I would describe the journalism program as beautiful chaos,” says Pledger, “From the outside what we do seems kind of chaotic, but somehow it all flows together just the way it’s supposed to.” Published every month, Inside15000 covers student news, current events, and special interest pieces. Pledger advertises the program by saying, “People should check out the magazine because it shows a more creative side of a program and highlights some of our editors’ skills… It is different [from the rest of the program] because it relies equally on design and content more than just content.” This allows for a very unique mix of style and writing to reflect the student body, regardless of the subject matter.

On the opposite side of the program, the BHS Beat YouTube page is a new section entirely dedicated to video news about Battlefield. Initially created in late 2017, the page was revamped this year to host a variety of sections, from sports to pop culture. “This year in the journalism program we are working to produce video news media,” introduces junior Emma Kelly, who is overseeing the new program, in the first video. Hosted by a rotating cast of students, each episode is curated around the students at Battlefield. Next year, the journalism program is combining with the Battlefield Sports Network, a large part of which will fall under the YouTube page. Like and subscribe to stay informed!

Lastly, BHS Beat, the student journalism website, was completely revamped this past February to include two new sections and a new, clean look. BHS Beat, “is a student-run website that is managed by the editorial staff of Battlefield High School’s journalism program. The Journalism class at Battlefield consists of over 85 students ranging from first-year to fourth-year students in the program,” as described on the page here. Student Views is a new editorial section that allows writers to voice opinions that would otherwise not be published in Beyond the Den or Student Life. The new Wellness section houses articles about mental health, physical health, and environmental protection. 

Whether students are new to Battlefield or looking forward to graduation in a few months, the BHS journalism pages have something for everyone. If someone has a suggestion for an article or video, message the program below or stop by 1144 to talk with the program!